Eagle Eye E-News March 16-March 20

Ebinport Elementary Faculty and Staff E-News

Ebinport's Vision Statement

Alongside families and our community, we are cultivating and nurturing lifelong learners to excel in an interdependent global society.


  • Teacher Survey Portal Open
  • GBE Conferences
  • 11:00 Brian out of the building for Aspire training
  • 6:00 SIC Meeting with Senator Wes Hayes

Tuesday: Happy Saint Patrick's Day- Remember to wear your green and jeans :)
  • No official grade level meetings today, Rhonda and Chris Odom will be preparing for the community visit.
  • Teacher Survey Portal Open
  • 3:00 Faculty Meeting: Discovery Education
  • GBE Conferences
  • 9:00 Rhonda conducts a parent tour for kindergarten
  • 6:30 PTO Meeting

Wednesday: No jean passes can be used today, professional attire only!
  • 9:00 Fifth Grade WWII wax museum
  • 10:00 Community Visit (see information below)
  • 12:00 Rhonda and Brian in a FaceTime Meeting
  • 4:00 Yoga
  • Teacher Survey Portal Open
  • GBE Conferences


  • Teacher Survey Portal Open
  • Last Day for GBE Conferences
  • Fifth Grade on a Field Trip


  • No ESOL Classes due to WIDA Testing: Mrs. Allison to provide testing schedule. Testing is being done in the conference room.
  • Teacher Survey Portal Open (More Information Below)
  • GBE Conferences
  • Immersion Teachers and Rhonda in Charlotte at Collinswood Language Academy
  • Peer observation day

Community Visit

Our Community Visit is Wednesday! We are very excited to have community in the building to see Ebinport Eagles soar! The agenda for the morning will be that visitors will begin in fifth grade classrooms around 10:05 to view the WWII wax museums. Then, fifth graders will begin taking small groups on tours around the school. There will be several stops along the way with videos and paragraphs that you have written for visitors to view.

Things for you to know:
  • Please have all hallway displays updated, neat and attractive.
  • Please only wear professional attire on Wednesday, no jeans passes today.
  • Please have your classroom doors open beginning at 10:20 to allow visitors to come in and see the great things happening in your classrooms with minimal interruptions.
  • Please don't be surprised if visitors ask students questions.
  • Please prepare students that visitors will be in the building on this day.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know!

Congratulations, Ebinport!

Dr. Beard and I received the following message today in response to a grant proposal submitted by Dr. Beard to Harris Teeter to support a color run for all elementary schools.

Congratulations! Harris Teeter has reviewed your RFP and is pleased to inform you Ebinport Elementary School will receive a $5,000 donation in support of youth athletics and wellness. Ebinport is 1 of 20 elementary, middle and high schools selected to receive this special donation which combines for a total of $100,000 to local schools!

Congratulations, Dr. Beard! Ebinport continues to thrive as a school of excellence!

Noise Level in the Cafeteria

On several occasions in the past teachers have asked about reducing the noise in the cafeteria. We have done some research and have found that other schools in our district are having success using a music CD. This CD will play on a loop throughout the day. It is designed so that there are 4 minutes of music and 4 minutes of silence then the pattern repeats. We have the CD here at Ebinport and we have the sound system in the cafeteria to play the music.

How it works:
When students hear the music they must be quiet and focus on eating and enjoying the music. When the music stops they may talk quietly to their neighbors.

What we need from you:
This will only work if all grade levels and teachers decide to participate. Because of our cafeteria schedule we can't have one grade level decide to participate and then the grade level they are in the cafeteria with not participate. Please think about this program and decide if this is something you would like for us to try on a trial basis. You may click here to indicate your choice. If the majority of teachers agree to participate we will try this beginning the week before Spring Break. Leadership Team will meet April 7 and a discussion will be had then about how the trial period went and if we should continue using this in the cafeteria.

Breakfast on Late Start and Delayed Start?

There were a total of 23 votes on the breakfast for late start survey. Of those, 4 were "No" votes and 19 were "Yes" votes to have breakfast on late start and delayed start days. This will mean that every day that students are in the building, we will serve breakfast. I will email Sedexo and ask them when this can begin. As I get more information I will pass it along.

Online Teacher Survey for 2015 School Report Card

It's time to complete the Online Teacher Survey for 2015 School Report Card!

The teacher survey is conducted online over the internet from the State Department of Education website, located here: http://ed.sc.gov/

On the right side of the home page are a series of boxes, please click the box entitled Report Card – Teacher Survey to access the survey.

Please pay attention to the following timelines for completing the teacher survey online.

March 3, 2015 –Teacher Survey portal opens.

March 31, 2015 –Teacher Survey portal closes.

Teachers, librarians, guidance counselors, and speech therapists at the school should complete the teacher survey. Part-time teachers may complete a survey form if they are on campus at least half of each school day or week.

The survey may be completed using any computer with internet access. Teachers may use their home computers.

Our school SIDN number is 4603023. Please have this survey completed by March 31, 2015.

Recruitment Fair

It's that time of your for the Rock Hill School District Teacher Recruitment Fair. It will be held at Saluda Trail Middle School on Saturday, April 11 from 8:30 - 12:30 p.m. Each school has been asked to provide 4 team with 2-3 teachers on each team. The District is offering incentives to those who work all four hours. Each teacher will receive 4 hours of continuing education credits and your name will be entered for a drawing to receive an additional Personal Leave Day provided by the District Office. In addition to these incentives, Ebinport will offer the teachers who work all four hours the option of receiving 2 jean pass days or wearing flip flops for two days. The final incentive provided by Ebinport is that the teachers will get to leave school at 2:45 on 2 days of their choice as long as they are not scheduled meeting days. As you can see, there are numerous incentives in volunteering for this event. The reason for this is that it is vital that we pre-screen interested teaching candidates so that we will know great teachers who are interested in Ebinport should positions become available. There is a sign up sheet in the teacher work room in the main office. It is attached to a door on the upper cabinets. Thank you in advance for volunteering for this extremely important event.

End-of-Year GBE Conference

It's that time. Please click here to sign up in Canvas for your end of year GBE conference. Please bring any evidence that you have that supports your GBE goal. I realize many of you had goals that were dependent upon Spring MAP scores or other end of year tests, it is okay to provide evidence outside of these scores that support your GBE. Feel free to see me if you need help with this.

Safety Committee Meeting Notes

PM Dismissal-

The changes are going smooth with few glitches. We will continue to monitor and adjust as needed.

Bus Lot Procedures-

A discussion was held as to weather to remain inside at all times or be outside on pretty day until buses arrive. If it is pretty, students will go outside to wait. Make sure if you are the person from your grade level on bus duty, you stay and are diligent monitoring ALL students.

Lock Down/Reverse lock down-

Review procedures. Make sure you know what to do if there is a reverse lock down (you are outside and need to come in). Typically, you will go in to the nearest classroom or area. The issue with going to an area or classroom that is not yours is that the door will be/should be locked. Do we all need master keys? Use your best judgment depending on scenario as to whether you return to building or go off campus. Kevin Wren will be invited to the next safety meeting to discuss this further.

Lock Down during Arrival/Dismissal-

There is no good solution.

Get to a close room or area. (Problem-classroom doors will most likely be locked. Do we all need master key?)

Bring ideas/suggestions on solutions to next meeting. Kevin Wren will be invited to next meeting to discuss this further.

Technology Committee Meeting Notes

1. SuccessMaker replacement: Stacy Bailey received an update that it will only be used by Title 1 schools only.

* Looking at next year, looking into a replacement for successmaker for the whole school to use in the computer lab. Complete survey if we find a replacement, would you be interested in or use it. If budget cannot supply for it, would you be willing to use $25 or so of your supply amount.

* Stacy will create the survey.

2. Typing program update.

* Looking at software programs that can be used in the computer lab to assist teachers in preparing for typing with testing.

* If we have a software program, will we have a dedicated slot to work in the computer lab on typing skills. (We feel we need to have a slot in the computer lab if we get the software. Computer lab seems to be occupied more so by certain grade levels. We need a balance.)

3. Foundation Grant for Keyboards: Ebinport has 238 student ipad devices and 118 keyboards. Kellie and Melinda created a grant to purchase 120 wireless keyboards and batteries totaling $2,500. We should know in March whether this will be funded.

If partially funded, we will use money from Mrs. Kelsey to purchase the rest.

4. Promethean board training is being put on hold as we feel teachers have too much on their plates at this time. If teachers are interested in training, let the technology committee know.

Beautification Committee Notes

Projects at Works:

1. In cooperation with Mrs. Sebastian:

*Fourth Graders will be the first group to organize a food waste collection day this month.

*The gardens will be cleared and replenished with enriched soil. Volunteers welcomed!

2. Barbara Oertel Day:

Tentatively (with the approval of Mrs. Kelsey), a celebration of Barbara Oertel’s service to our school will be on June 2, 2015 at 3:00 p.m.

Barbara’s family along with our staff, Brenda Keeling, Shane Goodwin, and Lynn Morgan will be invited to honor Barbara Oertel through a brief ceremony at the Windmill Palmetto Tree. This tree is located near the fourth grade garden beds.

3. Student Council would like to come to your class for a few minutes to explain to your students what should and should not be recycled at school. Also, they will be able to show your students a short power point presentation on the importance of recycling.

Reminder: If serving pizza, please empty all cardboard boxes before placing them in the large RED containers outside. No food, plastic wrap, or plastic bags should be discard with the cardboard, please.

Academic Committee

Lou Ellen searched for survey questions on Survey Monkey relevant to creating our survey on School Climate and brought these to the committee.

As a committee, we reviewed various surveys and selected possible questions from available templates.

We looked on Survey Monkey to assess the ease and confidentiality aspect of creating and administering an online survey.

After creating a 19-question survey, we realized that anything over 10 questions requires a paid upgrade subscription. Do we have a school subscription or access to creating a longer survey on Survey Monkey? Please advise!

Lisa is looking into creating a survey on Constant Contact as a possibility.

Sunshine Committee

April 14th – Tailgate Day – bring a snack to share

April 22nd – Administrative Assistants’ Day

May 6th – Nurse’s Day

End of the Year party – Friday, May 29th (5-8:30)

-Sunshine money will be used to buy meat (hamburger/hot dogs), buns, paper products, condiments, coleslaw, fruit tray, potato salad, chips, cookies, lemonade, tea, water bottles

What to include in the invitation:

-RSVP please (including # family members that will be attending)

-shorts/swimsuit attire (adults are responsible for their children while swimming)

-bring your own chairs, towels

-feel free to bring your own outdoor games

Upcoming Grade Level Retention Meetings: More information to come

In grade level meetings this week, K, 1 and 2 requested that we have team meetings to discuss students individually that might be candidates for retention. These meetings will be held the week before Spring Break in lieu of a faculty meeting this week. We would like to follow the following schedule:

When/where are the meetings?
  • March 23 2:45 First grade Retention meeting in the conference room.
  • March 24 2:45 Kindergarten Retention Meeting in the conference room.
  • March 25 2:45 Second Grade Retention Meeting in the conference room

Who should attend?
  • The grade level that we are meeting about
  • One teacher from the grade level above the grade level that is meeting to serve as an expert on required skills for success
  • One resource teacher to share their knowledge and expertise regarding the ways students learn best.
  • Building administration
  • Guidance Counselor

What should I bring to my grade level meeting?

  • Information that would help this team make decisions regarding retaining a student. Only students whose parents have been told previously that retention is a possibility should be presented in these meetings.

*Next year we will have two meetings structured like this and we will have a meeting for all grade levels. In the Fall meeting we will meet as a grade level to discuss student progress and possible interventions. Spring meetings will focus on next steps for students.

If you have a scheduling conflict please let me know!