MEC/HBP NewsLetter

February 26th, 2021 - Week 4 of 9 for Q3

Principals Message:

A Note from Roger Fink, Interim Admin at MEC/HBP -

Dear Students and Families,

It is amazing to me that we are wrapping up the month of February and entering the month of March. It seems like just last week we were welcoming the new year, 2021. Now, in just two weeks' time, the one-year anniversary of all transitioning into distance learning will be here. Though it has certainly been a challenge, a celebration that we can share is that plans are in place to return staff and students to school buildings for in-person learning. With that, please stay tuned to HSD news and info on the district's website at

Part of our plan includes course forecasting for next year. Specifically, we are hosting an Academic Planning Night for all current HBP students and families. That event is set for:

  • Tuesday, March 9th, 6 - 7 pm (Virtual) Academic Planning Night

This is our annual event for students and their families who are interested in learning more about the Hillsboro Big Picture model, internships, graduation requirements, and planning. We will use Google Meets to host Academic Planning Night this year. Google Meets event link here:

  • March 15-19th- Forecasting form distributed and due in Advisory classes

Parents and guardians, please make sure to review your student’s class choices on their forecasting form, if necessary.

Regarding the above, the information is contained in the doc linked here:

HBP Forecasting Letter. Please review and mark your calendars accordingly.

We hope to see you there at HBP Academic Planning Night.

To all students, youth, and clients in each of our Miller Education Center programs, we want to express our thanks for your patience, your support, and your partnership as we move forward with important changes. While many of us want to return to normal, we also want to return to better. We will do our best to make that not just a want but a reality.


Roger Fink

Interim Administrator

Miller Ed / Hillsboro Big Picture


Una nota de Roger Fink, administrador interino de MEC/HBP -

Estimados estudiantes y familias,

Me parece increíble que estemos terminando el mes de febrero y entrando en el mes de marzo. Parece que la semana pasada estábamos dando la bienvenida al nuevo año, 2021. Ahora, en apenas dos semanas, se cumplirá un año de la transición de todos a la educación a distancia. Aunque ciertamente ha sido un reto, una celebración que podemos compartir es que los planes están en marcha para que el personal y los estudiantes vuelvan a los edificios escolares para el aprendizaje en persona. Con eso, por favor, manténgase en sintonía con las noticias e información del HSD en el sitio web del distrito en

Parte de nuestro plan incluye la previsión de cursos para el próximo año. Específicamente, estamos organizando una Noche de Planificación Académica para todos los estudiantes actuales de HBP y sus familias. Ese evento está fijado para:

Martes, 9 de marzo, 6 - 7 pm (Virtual) Noche de Planificación Académica

Este es nuestro evento anual para los estudiantes y sus familias que están interesados en aprender más sobre el modelo de Hillsboro Big Picture, las prácticas, los requisitos de graduación y la planificación. Este año usaremos Google Meets para llevar a cabo la Noche de Planeación Académica. Enlace del evento Google Meets aquí:

15-19 de marzo- Se distribuye la forma de previsión y se debe entregar en las clases de asesoría

Los padres y tutores, por favor asegúrese de revisar las opciones de clase de su estudiante en su formulario de previsión, si es necesario.

Con respecto a lo anterior, la información está contenida en el documento vinculado aquí:

Carta de Previsión HBP. Por favor, revisen y marquen sus calendarios en consecuencia.

Esperamos verlos en la Noche de Planificación Académica de HBP.

A todos los estudiantes, jóvenes y clientes de cada uno de nuestros programas del Centro Educativo Miller, queremos expresar nuestro agradecimiento por su paciencia, su apoyo y su colaboración mientras avanzamos con cambios importantes. Aunque muchos de nosotros queremos volver a la normalidad, también queremos volver a ser mejores. Haremos todo lo posible para que eso no sea sólo un deseo, sino una realidad.


Roger Fink

Administrador interino

Miller Ed / Hillsboro Big Picture

Big picture

ODE and Oregon Health Authority

Parents, Students, and Teachers can view this link and gather more information about the who, what, when, and how we return to in-person learning.

Ready Schools Safe Learners, at

Upcoming Events & Important Dates to Remember


Wednesday, March 3rd, 9 am - 3 pm. Chrome-Book Distribution.

  • Current 9, 10, and 11th-grade students at HBP
  • This is a "trade-in" or "exchange" event - bring your current Chromebook and charger for a NEW Chromebook and charger.
  • Drive up to the Covered Entry and the Office Door, we will be happy to exchange your old for a new one as you wait in your - fast and efficient!

Tuesday, March 9th, 6 - 7 pm (Virtual) Academic Planning Night

This is our annual event for students and their families who are interested in learning more about the Hillsboro Big Picture model, internships, graduation requirements, and academic planning. We will use Google Meets to host Academic Planning Night this year.

Google Meets event link here:


Monday, March 22 - Friday March 26 (Spring Break)

Big picture

keeping your student safe and well

Please see this link to the Hillsboro School District Website. Helpful info and direction to support our student's well-being

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HBP Teacher's Update: Learning & Discovery


  • Visual Arts: Students are exploring a new art principle each week while continuing to work on individual art projects.

  • Leadership: Students will provide a Weekly To Do List and continue to add a new slide to their Senior Grad Plan-Exhibition Slideshow each week.

  • Economics: Students are finishing up the work on Personal Finance and will be starting Business Basics next week.


  • Leadership: Students are working on Passion Projects and "dream" careers

  • Chemistry: Students are learning about naming ionic and molecular (covalent) compounds and about cations, anions and polyatomic ions

  • Biology: Students are learning about the lymphatic and immune systems

  • Agriculture: Students are studying natural resources and learning about the Tualatin Watershed


  • ELA 9 we are focusing on elements of an argument.

  • In ELA 12 we have been focusing on types of heroes, with a focus this week on classical heroes.

  • Creative Writing we have been working on writing different types of poems.


  • 201 Leadership students are meeting one-on-one with their advisors to get support in all classes, continue their passion projects, and evaluate their transcripts.

  • U.S. History students are reading about child labor and social justice by evaluating primary resources

  • Spanish 1 students are reading stories in preparation for writing their own

  • Spanish 2 students are writing stories using new vocabulary

  • 201 Advisory students are learning about graduation requirements and future planning


  • Financial Algebra: this week we started looking at credit, including responsible use of credit cards and how to improve your credit score.

  • Algebra 1: this week was all about piecewise functions, including that most famous piecewise function of all: absolute value.

  • Geometry: this week we only barely talked about triangles (for once) and have been focused on finding slope and length using points in the coordinate plane

  • Leadership: knowing that we are almost halfway done with Quarter 3, we've really kicked into gear working on our projects.


  • Academic Options- Most students are making progress; some are close to earning a .5 credit already and are working on the next.

  • PE: We are continuing to focus on finding different ways to increase activity.

  • Health: We finished up with nutrition and activity and moving on to substance abuse and awareness.

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College and Career: Sara Franklin

College and Career: Did you know we have a MEC Career & College Google Classroom? This is not a class but a virtual space that holds lots of resources! This is especially beneficial for families of the class of 2021 as there is information about scholarships, financial aid, and more! Here is the invite link for your child to join:

Counseling & Wellness: Annie Wynne

  • In Advisory, students are participating in academic planning for their future success. This includes reviewing high school graduation requirements, transcripts, and beginning to think about which classes and work-based learning opportunities students would like to participate in next school year. If students or parents have questions about academic planning, they are encouraged to make an appointment using this link here or by contacting Annie Wynne at

  • The recent holidays, as well as current events, can be stressful for many. If you or a family member need support, please check out these resources:

NextGen News: Damon Morelli

  • The NextGen program serves young adults throughout Washington County by providing employment supports and referrals to career-related trainings in the fields of IT, healthcare, construction, and manufacturing.

  • NextGen's provision of support services is "excellent" according to our WorkSystems senior project manager. We currently have 13 clients enrolled in post-secondary education or training and expect two more to start training later this month. Over the next few weeks, 12 of our clients will start paid work experiences or engage in stipend learning opportunities.

For more information, please visit the NextGen website:

Damon Morelli

NextGen - Hillsboro School District

Education Liaison

503.844.1000 x2516

ITS/YTP Program Info: Shelley & Shanthi

  • Students in the ITS Employment class are focusing on resume writing and gearing up for mock interviews during 2nd semester.

Harkin's House Update: Brandon

  • Students continue to work towards credit recovery or GED testing. This week we had a student pass a GED test, our 10th passed test of the year at Harkins.
  • Students will be having a virtual meeting on Tuesday 3/2 with the PCC Future Connect program.

CARES Act Community Wide Childcare Grant

CARES Act Community-Wide Childcare Grant from Washington County available to all HSD families and community members that are essential workers or have been negatively impacted by Covid 19. Please review the flyer for additional information on how to apply for this grant.
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School Lunches for Students:


  • During Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL), all meals will be delivered via bus routes. Deliveries will take place Monday through Friday on school days and will include both breakfast and lunch.

    Students will receive their meals free of charge.

    To find out the location and time of the meal delivery for your student, visit the MyBus Student Route Look-up tool on our website.

    In addition to bus routes, there will be 6 locations where students can pick up their meals from 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.: RA Brown, Century, Lincoln Street, Poynter, South Meadows, and Evergreen.

  • ***Please Bring a bag to carry lunches is as the weather starts to get cold and rainy***

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