Alexander The Great

By: Sara Franco

The conquer

Alexander was born in 356 BC in Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia.Alexander spent his youth visually learning how his father changed Macedonia into a great military power. When Alexander was in the age 12 he demonstrated his equestrian skill to his father. Alexander would be ride Bucephalus in all of his battles, together until at the very end.Then at the age of 20 he was king after his father passed away.After being a king he beginning to conquest, by taking over most of the middle east and Persia.Through his conquest Alexander tried to take over India but it unsuccessful. Shortly after so many battles he pass on of a common cold in 323 B.C. Alexander III of Macedon was a hero to his citizens. He defeated many places to make it part of his palace and his empire would grow bigger every time. Afterward Alexanders death, thanks to his conquest, the Hellenistic era started.

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