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Sunday, April 2, 2016

Welcome Back!

One more sleep until Spring Break is officially over and we're back in the groove! Tomorrow is our first day of swimming. Please be sure your child packs a bathing suit. Towels are optional as the Academy does provide them for our swimmers. Please watch the weather carefully this week. The kids will get extra recess this week because our special falls within the testing block. We want the kids to be warm enough as we celebrate winter's return.

I hope you find the calendar in your child's Friday Folder helpful!

NYS ELA Testing

The NYS ELA will be given this week on the mornings of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The PTSA provides a snack for each student. Please be sure your child has had a good night's sleep and a fulfilling breakfast each day! Kids will be allowed to chew gum during the test!


Mrs. Gleason's Class ~ The children are adding and subtracting fractions, changing fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to fractions in Module 5. The week we return from break we will spend time in class reviewing and preparing for the NYS math assessment.

Mr. Philipp's Class ~ This week the students used their knowledge of equivalent fractions to add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators. They also began turning fractions into mixed numbers and mixed numbers into fractions. In small groups, students have begun reviewing for the state test by reviewing various skills and concepts from out previous 4 modules. Students have also been exposed to actual state test questions from previous years. Some responses: “This is just like some of the questions we practiced in class!” We will continue to review and strengthen our skills when we return from vacation.

Mrs. Close's Class ~ We have been reviewing for the upcoming NYS Math test. You’ll find two multiple choice practice packets in your child’s Friday Folder. Each packet has been corrected and reviewed with the class. The kids realized that they need to slow down and read the whole question thoroughly. I also introduced the kids to Kakooma math puzzles. We’ll focus on problem solving and test preparation from now until the test. Then it will be almost time to build bridges!

Field Trips

I'm still advertising for parent volunteers for our upcoming trips!

Dates to Remember

April 4 ~ 1st Day of Swimming

April 5-7 ~ NYS ELA Test

April 8 ~ Book Orders Due

April 13-15 ~ NYS Math Test