By: Mala'ika Akida


Jamaica is an island country standing in the Caribbean Sea lying south of Cuba. Jamaica is also the fifth largest island country in the Caribbean.The capital of Jamaica is Kingston.The language spoken in my country is Jamaican Patois.5 of the words spoken in Jamaica is 1.Me (I-English),2.Howde(how do you do-English),3.Goway(go away-English),4.Come Ya(come here-English),and finally 5.Si Down(sit down-English).The currency of Jamaica is Jamaican dollars with the picture of the president on it.It comes in various colors like blue,pink,and green.The official national anthem for Jamaica is called jamaica,Land We Love.Jamaica may look like a small island but the population so far is 2,930,050.The island is beautiful and the weather is usually hot,humiod,and sunny.Its like a tropical weather.

Government\Education System

Jamaica has a democratic government.Just like America you have to be 18 years old to vote.America has a vice president but Jamaica has a chief which is Monarch Elizabeth the second.Instead of a president Jamaica has a head which is Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller.Jamaica has a 21 member parlament-senate and a 60 member House of Representatives.Portia Simpson-Miller is the leader of the Jamaican government.The Queen of England is Jamaica's chief of state.She is represented by the governor general,so the government is led by Prime Minister.|When the school starts it begins with a devotional,which is a prayer and song service.They start with a devotional because all public schools are linked to a church.You stay in primary school(elementary school) until age 12.All of the students wear uniforms.All students get punished when misbehaving(eating on the street,smoking, and kissing) in public while they're wearing their uniforms.Adults finish 5 years of education.People have free education up to 19 years of age-(high school).

All about Jamaica

That is My Presentation on Jamaica