BY William Golding

what is this book about ?


The book "Lord of the Flies'' written by William Golding is about a group of young British boys who were stranded on a island due to a plane crash. The boy were left with nothing, they didn't have food water nor adults to help them survive. The children on the island found a way to survive on the island alone luckily. Not long after they landed on the island they gathered together and they had an election, The kids on the island selected a leader someone who would be able to keep them alive until someone came to rescue them The children on the island took on the challenge they found food for themselves, And made important decisions . They found water on the island and hunted for their food, Overall life went well for MOST of them... This book took place during the 1950s and one of my favorite quote out of the book was "Maybe,...maybe there is a beast....maybe it's just us." that is my favorite quote because it explain how humans could turn into beast when it comes down to it.

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I chose this story because it was small.this book is my second favorite book it had a lot of meaning to it and it was relatable. My favorite part of the book was when the officials came to rescue all the remaining kids off the island because i felt bad for the kids through out the whole story. The book was long but the story that came with it was good i didn't like the length of the story but the actual story was good . if someone asked me my what would i rates this book i would tell them 5/5. I would recommended this this book to kids who are are in middle school and older.
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