SPS RN Team Winter Newsletter


Happy New Year!

With the new year comes new beginnings, which is fitting in our year of great adventures. While we continue all of our safety practices in school, we encourage you to do the same in the community. By working together and facing each day like it is day one, week one of this journey we will have continued success in keeping our community safe. The SPS RN Team hopes that you join us in a year of good health practices for our mind, body and spirit.

As a reminder please continue to follow the guidelines below:

  • Please keep your kids home if they are sick
  • Please reach out to your school nurse when your child is absent from school
  • Follow Mr. Colantonio's Big 3: wash those hands, wear a mask, and keep that 6' distance from others

A big shout out to Donna Kaplan, RN and Jennifer Slade, RN on their contributions to this newsletter.

Thank you to this awesome community for your continued support and partnership throughout this unprecedented school year.

With gratitude,

Danielle Gallan, MSN-PH, RN

Travel Guidance

If you are planning to travel out of state or out of the country, please notify your school nurse of the travel dates before your trip and follow up with your school nurse when you return. SPS is following the travel regulations in Massachusetts and we appreciate your cooperation. This is the most recent travel guidance: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/covid-19-travel-order

SPS COVID-19 Pooled Testing Program

We are excited to announce the unanimous vote by our School Committee to start our COVID-19 Pooled Testing Program when we return from February Break. It is a free voluntary weekly COVID-19 testing program to help keep our staff, students and community safe and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Regular COVID-19 testing of students and staff will help us lower the risk of the disease throughout our district by finding and isolating individuals who have COVID-19 quickly, even before or if they never show symptoms. We have confidence in our safety protocols including masking, distancing, ventilation improvements, and sanitization. The weekly COVID-19 testing program is just another way we are striving to keep our school environment safe for everyone.

Here is the link to sign your student up for pooled testing.

Welcome to Ferisha Hassan-Seemungal, RN

The SPS RN Team is thrilled to welcome to our team Ferisha Hassan-Seemungal, RN. Ferisha will be supporting the clinics at the O'Donnell Middle School and the High School.


Danielle Gallan, MSN-PH, RN, Supervisor of Health Services~ 781-344-4000 ext 51264


Suzanne Barrett, BSN, RN, NCSN Stoughton High School~ 781-344-7001 ext 2131


Sue McDonnell, BSN, RN, NCSN, O’Donnell Middle School~ 781-344-7002 ext 6161


Ferisha Hassan-Seemungal, BSN, RN, SHS/OMS Float~


Donna Kaplan, MEd, BSN, RN, South Elementary School~ 781-344-7004 ext 2


Sheray (Williams) Houle, BSN, RN, Gibbons Elementary School~ 781-344-7008 ext 2


Jennifer Slade, BSN, RN, Dawe Elementary School~ 781-344-7007 ext 2


Emilie Driscoll, BSN, RN, Wilkins Elementary School~ 781-344-7005 ext 2


Theresa Staulo, BSN, RN, Hansen Elementary School~ 781-344-7006 ext 2


Noelia Woodward, BSN, RN, Jones Early Childhood Center~ 781-344-7003 ext 3


February Self Care Calendar from OASIS!

Big picture

Mental health and gratitude

Simply stating one reason we are thankful can improve our emotional, physical, and mental health. An attitude of gratitude can go a long way!


Big picture


Let’s get up and move for 60 minutes everyday! Trying to get your family moving more everyday, helps give you more energy, self-confidence, helps you to relax, and focus at school/work. If your children are between the ages of 6 and 17, they need at least 60 minutes of activity each day to be healthy. Try activities that strengthen your bones, build muscles, and make your heart beat faster. Bones need pressure to get stronger...jump, run, or do a cartwheel. Join in the activity with your child by walking to school or to the bus stop. Encourage your child to practice a sport or ride their bike after school. Be a role model to your child and encourage them to go on an after dinner walk with you! Sledding or playing in the snow or going ice skating are great ways to stay active during the winter months. You can still benefit from being active by breaking up the activities into 10 minute segments, if you don’t have 60 minutes all together. Try a new activity, dance, Zumba, or YOGA, and create new memories together on this Year Of Great Adventures!

Activity can:

Improve your mood

Help your heart, muscles, and bones get stronger and healthier

Increase how fast your body uses the food that you eat and turns it into energy

Improves your sleep and memory.

(Department of Health and Human Services, USA)