Romeo & Juliet

Act 2 Scene 1


Benvolio and Mercutio chase after Romeo after he leaves the party to be alone. Throughout the scene, Romeo's friend Mercutio teases him for being in love with Rosaline. Benvolio, Romeo's cousin tries to get Mercutio to stop, but he just wants to get “a rise” out of Romeo. This scene shows dramatic irony because Mercutio thinks Romeo is still in love with Rosalin, but Romeo has actually found a new love, which is Juliet.

Sam Tran

Characters of the Scene

Bon Jovi - You give love a bad name - lyrics

Why I Chose the Song:

I chose the song, "You Give Love a Bad Name" because Mercutio is making fun of love while thinking that Romeo is still hurt. The song also has some lines that Romeo had said before in the previous scene.

Representation of the Scene

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