The ant and the ant eater

By: Eric

There once was an ant and an ant eater. Now the ant was part of a very respected colony. So that meant that there were very strict rules about jobs. This ant's job was finding food. It was almost dark in the lush green forest, and he hadn't found any thing because all of the other animals had taken it all. He had been walking for hours when he was about to give up he turned the corner and finally found a full bush of delicious juicy blue berries. So the ant happy ran over to the bush to get some of it. little did that ant know but there was another animal in the forest that was hungry, the ant eater. Now the ant eater was trotting around in the forest looking for some food . "Boy i am hungry, i could eat almost anything" Then finally he hit the jack pot he found a huge bush of plump blue berries. So he walked over to it sat down and chowed down on then. As he was eating he spotted a little black ant coming over to the bush he was at. "Hey ant are you lost?" he yelled mockingly. "No I'm just looking for some food, hey can i have some of those blue berries?" "HA you think that i will just give you them, i could finish this and eat some more... in fact..." The ant eater got up and walked over to the ant. "I think I'll have an ant. When the ant realized what was happening he ran away as fast as his legs could carry him. The ant eater walked after him. As the ant rounded the corner he ducked into a bush out of sight. So when the ant eater got there he yelled"Next time you won't be so lucky!" Then the ant eater ate the last of the blue berries and trotted back to his home. Finally the ant could get out of his bush. He walked over to the blue berry bush to check if there were any blue berries left, but sadly that ant eater picked it clean. The ant was about to keep looking for food but then he looked up and saw it was dark so he scuttled back to his colony to report back to the queen.
"Um queen mam i couldn't find any food"the ant said shyly. "WHY NOT" "There was an ant eater" "IF YOU DON'T BRING ME FOOD TOMORROW YOU WILL BE EXILED!" "but..." "NO BUTS NOW GO NO FOOD FOR ME NO FOOD FOR YOU!" That night the ant couldn't sleep well he was scared and Hungry. A million thoughts rushed through his head like what if i can't find any food tomorrow then what, my life is over. "tomorrow I'm going to have to start my journey of a million steps so I'd better get some sleep" the ant said to him self. Then he rolled over and dozed off.

This time he got an early start. He got up before any one else and went to work. This time almost right away he found a ripe red straw berry, it was perfect. so he took it and started to roll it home. About half way there he heard a rustling in the bushes so he went to the other bush for cover. Then an animal popped out of it. It was that jerky ant eater from yester day. This time he made sure not to make any noise. "I'm hungry again and I smell a strawberry. He sniffed around on the path then walked over to the bush. Out of now where the anteater shot his long pink tongue and grabbed the straw berry with the ant still on it. The anteater almost ate it then he saw the ant. "Hey it's the annoying little ant I saw yesterday" "let go anteater!" "No, but I'll give you a choice you let go and I eat the strawberry of you don't let go and I get to eat you and the straw berry, your choice." The ant realized that he had no choice so he let go. "I'll give you a free pass since you gave me this great straw berry. The ant kept walking to find food. It was the after noon and he still hadn't found any thing so he started to walk back but then he realized that he was lost. He tried calling for help but he couldn't find any. he walked to where he thought the colony was. on the way he finally found a raspberry and another, and another. then he realized that there was food all around him. There was bread and water and even chocolate cake. He started to wonder where he was. just then the ground started to shake the ant couldn't even stand up. He looked up and saw a giant shoe. Then he realized that this wasn't nature it was a picnic. He ran and ran but then he hit an invisible wall. He was scooped up and in a box. He turned around to see a giant face looking at him. "Who are you" the giant said. "My name is Fred" the ant replied. "Wait you can talk?" "yes sir now please don't hurt me" "Why would I do that?" "I don't know" " what were you doing here any way?" "I was looking for food and I got lost" "well I saw an ant hill over there, is that yours?" "yes could you take me there?" "sure and here have this bit of cake to take to your queen" "thank you so much" So the giant took little Fred to his ant hill. "Thank you so much" "you are welcome" "bye" they said together. So the ant went over to the queen and presented her with the cake. she loved it so much that she mad him the commander of the royal army.

That night the ant hatched a play to take down that jerky anteater. The next day he told the army the plan. "First we will put some food by the cliff then use one ant as bait when the ant eater goes over to the ant we flank him and push him right off the cliff. That is what they did. They put the biggest and juiciest berry near the cliff. Next they looked for a volunteer. What they got was one of the army members. Next all of the army went into the bushes and waited. The anteater showed up just as planned. "mmmm I smell a berry" He spotted the ant and ran over to it with out thinking. He was just about to eat the ant when the entire army showed up. "Ha you think that you little ants can kill me, go on, try" That is what they did they stung and stung until the anteater fell off. "noooooooooooo" That day our little hero the ant was a hero and awarded the best thing they could find. A chocolate cake.

The moral of this story is never underestimate the enemy.

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