CVU Nordic News

Nov 2- 6


We just heard today that the season will happen!!! It was perfect timing as we also saw our first snow. As with everything, the season will be different than in the past, but the best news is that we can practice, starting on Nov 30, and can race, not until Jan 11. We have our coaches meeting tomorrow night to create the schedule and guidelines for the season. I will publish the info as soon as I have it, but please keep in mind it will likely change due to snow conditions and COVID requirements.

I will publish a new Parent/Skier Info letter asap with details on what practice and races will look like, and how we plan to wax skis. Don't worry, lots of details coming soon!

Sign Up For the Team

Please add your name to the team roster using this google form. We will not be able to have an in person meeting making it hard for me to reach student athletes. If you know someone who might be interested in the team please direct them to the team website: or me- room 200 in Fairbanks Core.


As we thought, Nordic ski equipment has been in high demand already this season. If you still need equipment I suggest you get into the Skirack asap.

I've put together this document to help new families navigate the equipment waters, please email me if you have any questions. I've also added information to our webpage


We do get a team discount on equipment at the Skirack in Burlington. This applies to equipment and accessories. The store is encouraging folks to preview equipment online at or to call the store to talk with one of the Nordic experts prior to visiting the store. They can even help folks purchase equipment over the phone or via email for in-store pickup.

Lease Packages

Skirack also offers lease packages for new skiers or those not wanting to purchase their own equipment. Details can be found here. Again, get in early to get your gear, last year they ran out of lease equipment!

NordSki aka Leigh Mallory- former CHS Nordic coach and AD.

Leigh sells close out equipment from the top ski companies to local skiers at a great deal. All the equipment is new, just different graphics ect. Most years he sells at the ski skate sales, this year he is working out of his barn. Contact information for him: or 238-3455.

Team Clothing

The team will supply a racing uniform for use during the season. We also have some softshell jackets in various sizes for use during the season.

We do have some optional team clothing for sale for practice/after practice use.

Please order here. Pictures of clothing are on the website. What we have:

Black Puffy Jacket- mainly for after skiing, can be used for skiing on cold days. Still working on options, but the one listed on the form is the current winner. If anyone has any leads for deals on jackets, please email me!

Black Swix pants with CVU on them. Made specifically for Nordic skiing with zippers on the side for easy on/off at races.

Red training Jacket with CVU- embroidered on it. ONLY MENS SIZES available.

I am placing the first order for the pants and red training jacket THURSDAY. I will still take orders after that but sizes might be limited. You can also continue to order the black puffy jackets.

Neck Gaiters/Face Coverings. I have ordered 100 neck gaiters. All skiers will have to wear some kind of neck gaiter/buff while skiing. This will serve as a neck warmer and face covering. You don't have to purchase the CVU one, but you will need one. Ours are selling for $15.

I'll email when these arrive.


We are going to go through with our annual online auction fundraiser this year. Dates to be announced soon. We have some ideas for the auction:

1. Continue to ask companies for donations. Typically, we ask skiers to acquire 2 donated items from local businesses for the auction. Details on the online auction process can be found here. A solicitation letter can be found here to help with approaching local businesses. Also, please sign up on this spreadsheet for which business you are approaching so we don't ask twice. And please feel free to edit the spreadsheet with new businesses (or places that are no longer in business)

2. Purchase a gift card or item at a local business to help them out, while also helping out the team. In the past we have asked skiers who do not want to approach companies to make a donation of $75 to the team. A new twist for this year: purchase gift cards at local businesses that we can then auction off. This helps local businesses and the ski team!

If you do solicit a donation from a company, I encourage you use websites, email, and phone calls to contact donors. Some companies even have donation forms online. Companies can mail items directly to the school (add my name to the school address- it is on the solicitation letter).

Gift certificates are the best - we are going to have to mail winning items more than in the past. Please consider this when collecting items. I also have the schools tax ID number if needed.

Parents, I could use some help running the auction more than ever this year. Please email me ( if you can help. Thanks!