Board Report

January, 2022 Edition

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December Spotlight

Lanette Power-Waters presented the December Spotlight to shine a light on some of the fun events that happened at QACPS in the month of December.


Letter from State Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury

Dr. Saelens shared Mr. Choudhury's letter with the Board, highlighting the Executive Summary and the new proposed regulation regarding face-covering requirements in schools.

Policy 602 - Advanced Placement Programs

Michael Page presented Advanced Placement Programs Policy 602 to the Board for a second reading.

Policy 305 - Fund Balance

Jane Towers presented Fund Balance Policy 305 to the Board for a second reading.

2021-2022 Enrollment Report

Matt Evans presented 2021-2022 Student Enrollment information to the Board.

Physical Altercations

Matt Evans presented physical aggression data to the Board, and shared strategies QACPS is utilizing to help our students.

Course Updates

Michael Page shared course updates with the Board. These updates will align our AP courses with the state COMAR expectations.

Summary Expenditure Report

Jane Towers shared the Summary Expenditure Report with the Board.

Detail Expenditure Report

Jane Towers shared the Detail Expenditure Report with the Board.

ESSER II Breakdown

Jane Towers shared the ESSER II Breakdown with the Board

ESSER III Breakdown

Jane Towers shared the ESSER III Breakdown with the Board.


Non-Public Tuition Payment - Phillips School

The Board approved the non-public tuition for student attendance at Phillips School.

KIHS Roof Replacement - Design Services

The Board approved the contract with Hord Caplan Macht to provide architectural design services for the roof replacement at Kent Island High School.

Northern County Exchange, LLC - Bus Purchase

The Board approved Mr. Aaron Miciche of Northern County Exchange, LLC to purchase a used bus for the 2021-2022 school year as an unpaid spare.

Computer Science Discovery Course Approval

The Board approved the Computer Science Discoveries Course.

QACPS Board Meeting 1 5 2022 video