By- Mariantonia Solarte

About the Titanic.

Here you will learn about the history of the Titanic. How did it sink, why did it skink, or how many people died in it. All of these questions, you will learn. First of all, this became a historical event because it was the biggest boat made. It started to sail April 14, 1912. Some people think it sank, or crashed because when the boat started it's journey, some randome person said," NOT EVEN GOD CAN SINK THIS BOAT!" God, he was kidding.

There were more than 700 passengers. Also here is a fun fact, the lifeboats were capable enough to save everybody. Like lifeboat #7, it was capable of holding 64 people, and it only carried 24 people that day. 40 people died because of that boat.

This boat wouldn't have sunk because of the captain. He was the reason every, well, almost everyone died. Here is something you didn't know, the captain, saw the ice berg comming. The co-captains asked if they should turn the boat. The capitain was a really mean person and said no. Later on when they were too close, he tried to turn it but couldn't because it was too late. If the captain would have turned the boat eariler, everybody would have been safe.

Some people that survived are now dead but they have revealed some intresting information. They even made a movie about it. Here is the trailer, but you already probably saw the movie-

As you can see this movie was based on real people. Most of it is real, but some of it is fake because if you were to see something that happened in real life that was not edited by hollywood, i am pretty sure you wouldn't watch it.

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Thank you and I hope you learned alot.

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