Santiago Charter Middle School

Weekly Staff Bulletin: September 19th, 2016

Week Recap:

Thank you so much for an absolutely flawless Back-To-School Night last week. The parents were impressed by so many aspects of Santiago and were excited to share all of the the great feedback on our wall of appreciation. The most eye-opening piece of reading all of the post-its on the wall of appreciation was the great variety of aspects that people appreciate the most. People appreciate everything from uniforms to the warm and welcoming staff we have. Thank you for providing such an innovative and engaging opportunity for every student.

Back-To-School Night Video

Back To School Night

Weekly Schedule

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- After-school Tutoring (BLAST) MONDAY - THURSDAY - Please see Mrs. Napoli if you are interested in being a tutor and please advertise this to students who may need some academic support.

- This Wednesday late start is a Staff Meeting/ PD Day about providing supports for students who may need it (IEP, 504, EL) - please plan to be here in the library at 7:30a.

- Please continue to check lanyards - we are doing a great job being cohesive. Perfect lanyard checks and lunch awarded to the following, we are coming around and will be in your classroom soon. Lanyard TIP OF THE WEEK (seen in Mrs. Meier's class) - designate a student or TA to do lanyard checks as you are greeting students or walking around checking homework - they really hold each other accountable.

100% Lanyard Checks:

  • Mrs. Schooley
  • Mrs. Mikkelson
  • Mrs. Adams
  • Mr. Tanner
  • Mr. Askenaze
  • Ms. Marlene (Mr. Lorbeer's sub)
  • Mrs. Meier

- Thank you for staying on top of uniforms - we have an internal Google Doc that internally tracks uniform issues to make sure to escalate consequences for those repeat offenders! Please take a few seconds to check Uniforms in second period, starting Tuesday. Anyone out of compliance, please send to the office immediately. We will also be doing random lanyard/uniform checks in second period.

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Late Start Wednesday Staff Schedule

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$$$$$ Teacher/Classroom/School Grants $$$$$

Office Meeting Minutes - live link, please click!


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