Gas Cars vs. Hybrid Cars


You are looking to buy a new car. Compare the pros and cons of owning a gasoline powered vs. hybrid car.


Hybrid cars have combustion engines and a battery electric drive system to increase fuel economy and decrease emissions. Gas cars use gasoline to run the car. Gas cars also create a lot of pollution which hurts the environment.


Gas cars cause pollution. They cause pollution by releasing hazardous air pollutants and greenhouse gases. Fossil fuels are becoming more scarce and therefore are becoming more expensive.


Hybrid cars are a great solution. They use combustion engines and a battery electric drive systems to reduce pollution from gas use. Also they cut down on the use of fossil fuels so that they are less prevalent and less expensive.

The Other Side

Hybrid cars may use less gas but the normal gas cars will just use the gas hybrids don’t use. Also hybrid cars gas mileage isn’t as good as people says that it is.
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