Team News from Anj


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GLAM Getaway Extras!!!

Did you ladies see that this month you receive double points towards GLAM 2017 getaway?? So if you sell $3000, you'll earn 6,000 points! Plus sponsor a designer, you earn half of their points the first 60 days! You HAVE to maximize this month! You can't afford not to! Questions, let me know!

Anniversary Special Extended!!!!

Add those new designers!

I hope you all saw that until February 8th, KEEP has extended their 1st Anniversary Sale to new designers! Sign up by Feb 8th, your new designer receives an extra $50 in product credit to purchase anything they want to add to their start up kit! So, for $149 they get $550 in KEEP Product! Who can say they started their own business for $149?? Use this to help add those peeps to your team! You will also earn double on new designer sales!

So you want to promote....

I have had quite a few questions about how to grow your business and promote! Trust me when I say you want to make it to that next level! When you promote to lead designer, you make 4% commission on your first line. If you hit Associate designer, you earn 6%. Don't leave money on the table!
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If you want to amp up your KEEP business, HOOPLA is the place to be! This year it is August 4-6th at the Sheraton Charlotte, North Carolina. There are 26 weeks until Hoopla 2016 - so save just $26 from your weekly commissions, and you'll have $675 by Hoopla!!! That's enough to cover your registration, your flight, and your hotel so bunk up with a teammate! I will be there and hope you will join me! Designers who register by 2/15 receive discounted registration AND $50 in Product Credits! And GO! All of the details are in your HUB under the home office news!