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Ben Franklin Elementary School

October 2022 Title 1 Information

To: Ben Franklin Parents

From: Mr. Josh Mailhot

Re: Title I Mailing

As a “School-wide Title I School” we are required to provide parents with information about a variety of things dealing with the successful operation of our school. This mailing includes many pieces of information that may be of interest to our parents.

Included in the mailing are the following:

  1. A “Dispute Resolution Policy/Procedures” page provides information for parents who may have a dispute with something pertaining to Title I programs

  2. The Ben Franklin Title I School-Parent Compact

  3. The District Parent and Family Engagement

  4. The meeting minutes from our Annual Meeting that was held in May of 2022.

  5. Notification of Staff Qualifications

  6. Written & Website Notification of Interactive Dashboard

The Schoolwide Continuous Plan includes the goals, strategies, and activities that will drive our instruction over the course of the next 5 school years. This plan has been designed to help our students meet state standards and guide the systematic improvement of our school. You may request to see the qualifications of any staff member by contacting our office. I can report that all teachers have had the appropriate training and hold a current, valid teaching license. Likewise, our paraeducators meet or exceed the requirements for their positions.

Should you have any questions pertaining to our School-wide Title I program at Ben Franklin, please do not hesitate to call me at 701-746-2250.

Title 1 Meeting Invitation

October 10, 2022


I would like to formally invite you to our annual Title I meeting at Grand Forks Public Schools.

The meeting will be held virtually on October 26, 2022 from 6-7 p.m. via Zoom (LINK:

Being a Title I school means we receive federal funding to supplement the school's existing programs. At this meeting, I will present information about our parental involvement policies, ongoing review of the school-parent compact, the rights of parents to be involved in our programs, and the methods for being involved.

Thank you,

Brenda Lewis, Ph.D.

Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education

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