A Smile a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The correlation between mood and overall health


Has anybody ever tried to observe that most of our psychological states come alongside with somatic effects. Let's take ,for instance , the unique feeling of falling in love. We have all experienced this encounter at some point in our lives and it is almost impossible to forget that feeling of overall well being. We were always waking up with smiles on our faces ,during the day we had a lot of energy , positivity , good grounding ,etc...

Now , let's move our thinking to the opposite angle of the statement above. Try to remember the saddest period of our lives ,when we were feeling like having a difficulty in whatever action we tried to make ,we were hazy and so on.

Scientific Explanation

The whole secret resides in the flux of hormones that trigger our hippocampus . The key hormone is serotonin , which is also a neurotransmitter synthesized by the enterocromaffin cells found in the GI tract . Mood is in a direct proportionality relationship with the blood levels of this hormone which also has effects over sleep , sexuality , learning and appetite , meaning that when the levels of serotonin in our blood raises , we are capable of better learning , it decreases the craving for food and sleep , etc...

When we lack serotonin in big quantities the effects will be contrary to the ones mentioned before.

Some secoundary effects of serotonin result from a positive feedback system which makes cathecolamines be released from the adrenal glands , making the blood vessels constrict , raising the blood pressure and giving an overall boost to the nutrition of every tissue of the body.

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To conclude all of my statements , I strongly advice everyone reading this poster to make overall happiness a priority which can be achieved in many ways like : doing some sport , love , travel , eat healthier , be successful and whatever makes you be happy.

A smile a day will surely keep the doctor away.

Happiness is...