World Heritage Southeast Newsletter

February 2018

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Our gang from Peachtree City and Atlanta visited the Capitol and got to tour the CSPAN mobile studio!

Happy Valentines, Presidents, Groundhog and Flag Day!

Its hard to believe but we will be sending our current students home in a few short months.

While they're here, why do you see if they can "pay it forward" by helping them find NEW HOST FAMILIES for next year? For every referred family that places, World Heritage will pay the referring student $250 - now thats paying it forward!!!

I will be sending out a separate letter to our current students notifying them of this promotion - but please remind them when you see them.

We are now in Host Family Recruitment Season! Let the networking, social media, and marketing begin! What are your goals this year? 3 students or a Flex/Yes Cluster? How can we make that a reality?

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There still seem to be some questions about the new Department of State requirement on family photos. WE ARE NOW REQUIRED TO PHOTOGRAPH THE FAMILY DURING THE HOME VISIT! This is the 6th mandatory photo. This means YOU take the picture, not a copy of the posed one like above. This is proof that everyone in the family is there.

An added advantage of the family pic is use in social media, ask them if this is ok.

Here is an example of a post placement Facebook post for you to use, and your new family to share:

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Congratulations to the Wales family - they're taking an international adventure!

They are hosting Spanish Scholarship student Miguel from Spain this year! The Wales family enjoy fine foods, travel, and charity work. Miguel will be attending Westminster High School and will try out for the soccer team!

If you are interested in learning more about exchange, please PM me or reach out to

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A Valentines Message to the Southeast Area Reps

I'm not sure I say enough how grateful I am to all of you! We have a really great team - and I know that sometimes this job can be very trying. You've all heard me say that what we do is like the ultimate blind date: taking a foreign teenager and putting them in a new home with a new family - what could go wrong?????

Often its rewarding, sometimes its difficult, and occasionally the paper chase is maddening! I hope you all know how much I appreciate your kindness, professionalism, and care.

I am always here to support you in all that we do. And thank you thank you thank you for all that YOU do!!!

If you've read this far, please em me so I can send you a Starbucks card - I have two of them so be quick! Happy Valentines Day!!!

World Heritage Student Exchange - Southeastern Office