Glad to Be in Gr. 3

Ms. Barrington's Weekly Newsletter

January 10th, 2022

Info., Updates, and News

Welcome back from our extended Winter Break! This newsletter will be shorter than usual because I summarized our learning from before the break in our last newsletter. I am glad to have everyone back, eager and ready to learn! I cannot wait to see what 2022 has in store for all of us.

A reminder that in our weekly newsletters you will be hearing more about your student's weekly learning. Our newsletters will also provide information about upcoming events that are taking place at school and in our classroom. Newsletters will typically be shared at the beginning of each week. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our newsletters in their entirety.

Week in Review

Everyone continues to work hard to help one another and to be a classroom of leaders, listeners, and learners. We are becoming a strong community.

Here are some of the things we have been learning:

  • Literacy: In literacy, students are being exposed to and practicing various reading strategies such as extending our independent reading stamina through activities such as SQUIRT (Sustained, Quiet, Uninterrupted, Independent, Reading Time). Learning to enjoy reading on our own can help us to make improvements to our comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency. Students are given an opportunity to choose their own texts, building their confidence in making their own decisions. Reading fluency (ie. accuracy, rate, rhythm, and expression) continues to be modeled through our daily message, classroom book a day texts (see Instagram stories for daily updates), and our daily read aloud novel (ie. Sideways Stories from Wayside School). Students are working on developing writing strategies such as sharing personal connections that they have made to what we read, see, and hear about. Another opportunity for students to practice their writing is through journaling. Students are able to organize their thoughts, prepare a response, and express themselves.

  • Phonemic Awareness: Words are made up of individual sounds. Students are practicing the phonological skill of blending and segmenting. Blending is where the parts of a word are blended into a whole word. Segmenting is where we separate or segment a word into syllables or phonemes (sounds). To practice at home, say words aloud together. What is the first sound you can hear? What is the last sound you can hear? What other sounds do you hear? What letters are working together to make these sounds?

  • Numeracy: In numeracy, students continue to explore identifying and using patterns to solve problems. Each day students are given a prompt that shows a perplexing problem - sometimes there is one right answer and sometimes there are many right answers. These problems generate discussions on HOW students determine answers. Students are practicing describing and extending patterns using sounds, actions, and diagrams.

Students continue to assist in caring for and maintaining our classroom isopod colonies. Students are learning to identify requirements for animal care, focusing on the isopods need for food, water, shelter, and air and how we can properly care and provide for them. Students are learning to make connections to other animals and other habitats.

Upcoming Events

  • January 10th - Classes Resume
  • January 12th - Inclusion Advisory Committee Meeting (7:30 pm)
  • January 14th - No School (Staff PLF #6)
  • January 26th - Bell Let's Talk Day
  • January 27th - Book Character or Superhero Dress Up Day
  • February 9th - ATA Appreciation Day
  • February 23rd - Pink Shirt Day
  • February 28th-March 4th - Teacher's Convention Week (No School)

Office Announcements

Important: Return to School

There are updated isolation protocols from the Alberta Government. Please note that the isolation protocol requires students to mask continuously for 5 days after their isolation period. This means students cannot eat with their peers since it requires the removal of masks. We will require space for these students to eat away from others; perhaps they can be picked up for lunch in some cases. If neither of these is possible, we may ask your child to stay home for an additional 5 days.

Complete the NEW daily checklist every day prior to attending school. Students with symptoms should notify their school and stay home.

To lower the risk of in-school transmission of the Omicron variant and provide an additional layer of protection, the Government of Alberta will be supplying rapid tests and masks to schools. Shipments will start this week and all schools will have their initial shipments by the end of next week. Masks are mandatory for grades 4-12 and optional but strongly recommended for ECDP to Grade 3.

A how-to video for parents and a rapid test program fact sheet translated into multiple languages offers tips on how to use the rapid test kits. Both are available online at and may be useful for you.

FMPSD will continue preventative measures as per AHS and our re-entry plan. Additional school guidance information can be found HERE.

We appreciate the ongoing flexibility we have been given by families during quick transitions to virtual learning. We want you to be aware that if cases increase or staffing becomes an issue, we may have to go back to virtual learning. We all agree the best place for students to learn is in the classroom, but the safety of our students and staff is our first priority.

On a different topic, a NEW e-Tutoring Hub is being launched next week to help students catch up on skills and learning they may have fallen behind on because of the pandemic. Initially, students in Grades 4 to 9 will be able to access pre-recorded video tutoring sessions online anytime to build their literacy and numeracy skills. Later this year, Alberta Education will expand the online tutoring services to cover more grades and subjects, including live tutoring. The sessions will be free for all students and parents. Feedback from school authorities, parents and students will inform topics as well as English and French needs for new tutoring sessions. Find out more and view a tutoring session on the e-Tutoring Hub at New.LearnAlberta.

As always, we support the mental health of our students and families. We have many resources on our website including podcasts you can listen to.

Please continue to refer to official sources when looking for information.

If you or a member of your family has any of the symptoms of illness listed, please fill out the online Alberta Health Services COVID-19 self-assessment or call Health Link at 811.

Please continue to watch our social media @FMPSD and news for any updates over the weekend and moving forward.

Thank you again, as we continue to navigate this fluid situation together for everyone’s health and safety.

Ice Sculpture Family Letter

This winter, all students at Christina Gordon will have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative art project. This project’s goal is to unite students, strengthen the school community, and have everyone at Christina Gordon working together to create something amazing!

Students will make a collaborative ice structure. It will be displayed outside the school for the whole school and community to see! Each student will have the chance to add their own piece of ice to the structure, and with 600 pieces of ice, we will create a unique ice masterpiece!

From families, we are requesting assistance with this by sending in some recyclable containers with your child so that they can use it to make their ice block. Things like yogurt containers, plastic take out containers, ice cream buckets, or paper milk containers can be used to make our pieces of ice. Students will colour the water, freeze it to ice, then stack the ice to make a structure. We are hoping to begin this project by the end of January, weather permitting. Thank you for supporting our project and we hope you enjoy the structure that we create!

General Reminders

  • Please make sure you have clearly labeled any coats, hats, water bottles, lunchboxes, etc. that you send to school. It is your child’s responsibility to keep track of these items throughout the school day.
  • Students are expected to read or be read to for a minimum of 20 minutes each night. Please make sure that students are returning library books and book bags to school each Monday.
  • Students will bring home any handouts, information from the office, permission forms, etc. towards the end of each week in their Take Home Folders. Please make sure that all forms and the Take Home Folders are returned in a timely manner.
  • Our classroom Seesaw blog and student journals will be updated on a regular basis. Families are asked to check Seesaw for updates on a regular basis.
  • Our classroom is participating in the "Take Me Outside for Learning" Challenge and as such will be going outdoors rain, snow, or shine each Thursday. Please make sure that students come to school dressed for the weather with appropriate footwear, hats, sunscreen, water bottles, etc. as needed.

Specialty Classes

  • Monday, January 10th - Leader in Me
  • Monday, January 10th - Library
  • Tuesday, January 11th - Physical Education
  • Wednesday, January 12th - Music
  • Thursday, January 13th - Physical Education
  • Thursday, January 13th - Take Me Outside Thursday
  • Friday, January 14th - No School (Staff PLF #6)