The Indian Python

The Endangered reptile


The Indian Python's color pattern is whitish or yellowish with the blotched patterns varying from shades of tan to dark brown. This varies with terrain and habitat.It can reach a length of 3 meters and sometimes even 4 meters. Usually the python is about 46 kilograms and 2 meters.

Food chain

The Indian python preys on many variety of food, but the Indian Python has one main preadator the human who continously keeps erradicating the species and wiping out the poulation.The Indian python is a carnivorous animal and feeds on mammals birds and reptiles,but mainly mammals.


The Indian python lives in many habitats.Such as marshes

lakes, swamps,foothills,jungle and some even live in

burrows , and thick mangroves.


Contrary to other snakes, the Indian Python is slow in its movement. It has a timid character and never runs when attacked by its enemies. Apart from moving in a straight line while on land, it maintains a good swimming adaptation. The Indian Python has a proficient ability of surviving in water in a submerged state. The Indian Python has no fangs and this allows it to swallow and consume more objects with a larger mass.


The Indian Python is become more and more endangered due to it's skin being skinned by us humans and the areas it lives being destroyed and polluted by more human causes.

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