Minnesota, Land of Prosperity

By Aidan Math

Until 1850 most people living are natives. Now there is more Americans so you won't be alone and near the bad native people

Women do you have a job. Come to Minnesota today and we have many teaching jobs for you.

Why you should move to the best state in the U.S.

One reason is that maids don't have to work in the fields. I know right. Isn't that amazing.

Also Minnesota is a very prosperous land.

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If you want anything, Minnesota has it.

In 1851 there were 6,000 Americans, 1857 there is 150,000

Get your land quick or other people will snatch it from you.

Got no job, Minnesota has one for you.

Minnesota has the most beautiful lands in all of this country. Lakes rivers and all you can think reside in Minnesota
Minnesota has great waterways and farmlands for farming or transporting.
Schools plan on being built in the near future so your kids will be educated.

Think smart not dumb, move to Minnesota today.