Anti Hero

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Anti Hero

Xavier Garvin

Ms. Hicks

11th Grade CP LA


Anti Hero?

Macbeth is a flawed hero or what I call an anti-hero simply because of the fact that he had the right heart but fell into wicked ways such as murder and deception. He has good qualities accept for a few he was brave, cunning, loyal, deceptive, etc.… this is what made Macbeth so interesting he was completely contradictory of himself in almost every way. Macbeths big flaw was that he simply couldn’t resist the pull of power he craved the title of king and ruler. If Macbeth had not taken things in his own hands he would not have fallen because everything was his own doing. He simply ended up where he did by taking the witches prophecy into his own hands bringing it to fruition. If I had to compare Macbeth to any antihero it would have to be Harvey Dent from batman. Harvey Dent is a great guy loyal to his city then after an accident his face burns and he becomes two face. This relates to Macbeth in the simple fact that they both have to learn how to deal with the new hard ship that ends up being the cause of their down falls. The monsters they were fighting weren’t people or real monsters they were inside of themselves and as one can tell they both lost that battle.