Andrew Jackson

The worst or best President, you decide

Nullification Crisis

When the tariffs of 1828 and 1832 were passed, the south was upset because they relied on imported good to farm, which is the way they make money. So South Carolina passed the nullification act. Which meant that the taxes would become invalid and South Carolina wouldn't have to pay the taxes.So To force South Carolina to pay their taxes congress passed the force Bill. The force bill said that Andrew Jackson could force South Carolina to pay their taxes with any means necessary, including the military. In response South Carolina threatened to secede. So to keep the union together, the government came up with the tariff compromise of 1833

Killing the National Bank

Andrew Jackson didn't like the national bank because he believed it was a tool for the wealthy.And he was known as the common-man president, and because this wasn't for the common-man it was useless. So he decided that it was time for the national bank to close. During his presidency, the banks charter comes up for renewal, congress passes it and it heads to Jackson. He quickly vetos the charter. But since the bank still had 4 years left on the old charter, he decides that it needs to close faster. He takes the money out of the banks and put them in other state banks. Since banks need money to survive, the national bank quickly closes.

Worcester V. Georgia

The Cherokee land was very desirable because it meant more land to farm on and the land also had gold, and Georgia wanted it. But the Cherokee wouldn't trade their land(Indian removal act) so Georgia tried to force them off their land. But the Cherokee said that Georgia couldn't because they were a separate nation. So they went to court. The Supreme Court to be exact. At the ruling the Supreme Court said that the Cherokee were an Sovereign nation, so Georgia couldn't force the Cherokee off the Cherokee's own land
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Tom, Cherokee

Yay, we won the supreme court case. Now I can live in peace, and not have to worry about Georgia forcing us off OUR land. We are a sovereign nation and you can't do nothing about it. I wonder where we would have had to live, well it Doesn't matter because we won the case. Now I'm going to go back to my farming. Bye!

John, Southerner

I can't believe the taxes. They were outrageous, I was about to go out of business because of those tariffs! I wish South Carolina had seceded from the union then we wouldn't have to pay any of these ridiculous tariffs. Yes, I know they brought the tariff down in 1833, with that compromise. But I'm still having a hard time making any profit at all. The North is still doing better than us. I need to go water the crops so I can pay those tariffs.