Let's talk about Trash Day

Patience is a virtue and we are all in this together

Here is the Deal:

1. We are in a new economy where everyone is strapped and workers are hard to come by.

2. Every trash company is going through this and Red Oak is no exception.

3. We have single driver trash trucks coming through the neighborhood with an arm.

4. The Driver must navigate our streets and park his vehicle close enough to use the arm.

Please consider parking all vehicles in drive ways on Sunday nights.

I know this is a big ask for some, but our trash service could be accomplished more quickly and with a much lowered possibility of an accident. This will also help with decreased debris on the streets because of accurate arm pickups.


Prepare for Safe Pickups

Let's work together to ensure successful service.

  • In place by 6 a.m. on pickup day (MONDAY) or night before (SUNDAY)

  • 4 feet from cars and other carts

  • In front of your house or alley

  • On street with wheels against curb (handles toward home)

Big picture

Phone call or email about change of service from Red Oak

If you DID NOT receive an email or a phone call/text about the recent change to the service day, please sign up again using the google link below. Before doing this, please check your email spam folder to make sure the email is not in there (mark it as a known email address so it stops going to spam). Please fill out all questions on the form.


Driver Rudeness

If the Red Oak driver has been rude to you regarding the placement of your bins, please know this has been handled. We understand that the drivers are under greater pressures, however rudeness is never acceptable. The Red Oak supervisors have addressed this issue with their drivers and have apologized for the behavior. If it continues, please email our PEC consultant Kim Kimura kkimura@peconsultllc.com and she will continue to address the issue with Red Oak.

Shiloh Farms HOA BOD

Director Hokan Ojert President Ridgefield hokan.shilohhoa@gmail.com

Director Jane McLain Vice President Belmont jane.shilohhoa@gmail.com

Director Gary Nixon Treasurer Belmont gary.shilohhoa@gmail.com

Director Lance Hall Secretary Belmont lance.shilohhoa@gmail.com

Director Dawn Bourg Member at Large Crofton dawn.shilohhoa@gmail.com

Association Manager (CMA) Carrie Neville 404-835-9216 CMA cneville@cmacommunities.com