Global Warming

By Carney Tam

What is global warming?

Global warming is the increase of overall temperature of earth's atmosphere. It is dangerous because it affects the the lives of human. Every year, temperature gradually increases, causing the earth to fall tear apart eventually. For century's, we as human being are warned about global warming but none seem to care. This leads to my hypothesis, "Are people aware of global warming?"

The effect of global warming

The earth is getting warmer, this impact is already happening all over the earth. Places from North pole and South Pole are becoming warmer as well, resulting in the melt of glaciers. This is a problem for animals such as penguins and polar bear because they live under a cold weather. Warmer temperature causes ice to melt, now they have no where to go because they cannot survive living their whole life in water.

Another effect for global warming is to cause sea level to rise, which result in loss of home for humans. All these effects are created mainly based on human consumption on gas and energy that absorbs through the air. According to a recent report by the US Global Change Research Program. Global warming affects your daily life too. Food prices are rising because warmer temperature makes it harder to maintain a good condition for the food to grow, some foods like oranges cannot be able grow in some countries anymore. Therefore Canada is responsible to help address global warming by providing data on greenhouse gas emissions on annual basis.

Of course global warming can be prevented to be happening sooner. Some simple actions are turning off the lights when you leave a room, or taking a public transit instead of driving a car.

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Global warming is an ongoing topic for the past century. Global warming has started becoming a most discussed issue due to fast approach of it. A survey has been conducted to teenagers to see whether or not they are aware of global warming.

The results from conducting the survey were accurate. Based on the results gathered from surveying 50 teenagers, teenagers were aware of global warming. In fact everyone is aware of it. Because it has become a serious issue, schools provide general information about global warming for teenagers to be aware of. Unfortunately everyone is aware of global warming but they are not doing anything about it.

Who is Karl Mannheim and how does it relate to Global warming?

Karl Mannheim is a sociologist who believed that young people share similar ideals and as they mature, they begin to see the world different than previous generations by gaining new information and experiences he called fresh contact. This relates to global warming because humans who are older are more aware of global warming. They start to realize that global warming is harming their own planet. Schools are now teaching children about how important global warming is. Humans start to realize how serious global warming is as they mature with new information given to them.


Global warming should be an important issue anytime because it affects our own planet; We suffer from the things we do. In general, people are aware of global warming, but they are not doing anything about it because they think that they do not have to worry about what is happening in a long time. Fast approach of global warming has caught humans attention because it is coming close. Quality Of life has been used to determining individuals in Canada. it provides an indication of an individual social participation, Independence and well being. This is suitable for global warming because it determines what activities each individual does that affects global warming.