Week at a Glance


Evacuation Drill @ 8:15am


District Staff Recognition @ 7pm (Hartford Cafeteria)


6th grade Jamboree @ 9am (Larchmont Swim Club)


Retirement Dinner (Merion Caterers)


6th grade Jamboree @ 9am (Larchmont Swim Club) rain date


  • Please remember to electronically sign off on your SGO's in OnCourse and your annuals in McRel.
  • Grades are dueTuesday June 16th 3:00pm. A change from the June 15th date on the calendar. No exceptions. We must have All grades turned in. The counseling office has to print certificates based on students grades for the Awards Ceremony.

Baby Pics

Please don't forget to submit your baby pictures for our contest next year. If you would like to participate (and we hope you will), please submit your picture with your name on the back to main office. There is an envelope next to the printer.

Evacuation Drill

On Monday June 15th, we will have our second evacuation drill for the year. You can tell your students. The drill will begin after morning announcements. Please bring your emergency folders with you and wear appropriate footwear for the drill. If there are any new staff that were not here at the beginning of the year, please stop by and speak with an administrator about the procedures or speak with your team teachers. Due to all of the activities that we have had this past week we are going to flip the schedule. The schedule will be periods: 8,9,3,4,5,6,7,1,2

Great Job!

I want to thank the Physical Education Department for putting on a tremendous Field Day! It was fun watching the students compete for their team. I also want to thank the Health Office for organizing another wonderful JDRF Walk. Once again, students saw what can be accomplished when we work together and raise money for a worthy cause. Lastly, a congratulations goes to Mr. Bozarth and all those that assisted him for putting on another well organized Talent Showcase. Great things continue to happen as we close out the school year.