Water Filter

By Rainey and Halee

Why Nasa invented the Water Filter

In 1970s Nasa was looking for a advanced way to keep water clean. So Nasa teamed up with Umpqua Research Company URC, and URC developed the Microbial Check Valve MCV, used cartridge to purify Orbiters water supply using iodine in place of chlorine. So far it has beens so successful in Nasa uses it in every shuttle flight. Nasa also used Water Filters to filter their pee so they could drink it later on as shown in the article. The picture below is a picture of a water filter in space.
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How Water Filters are Made: Melt Blown/Spun Poly Manufacturing
How Does a Water Filter Work? What's inside?

How is it used today

We used to boil water over a fire but know we use a water filter. But, know we use order to capitalize health benefits, water is essential to draw from a clean source of water. We can only survive 3 days without water. Water can be dirty, and can even be dangerous to our health. Fortunately, NASA invented the water filter. Now, we can make sure that our water is clean, and safe to drink. Thank NASA.