Ecosystems Stations Week 2

Week of December 7th-11th

Station 1: Work with Ms. J

You will come work at the back table with Ms. J. You will only need your laptop to look at these articles:

Tallest Animals on Land

Birds and their Beaks

Station 2: Land Biomes Book

Take time at this station to work on your Land Biomes book. It should be finished by the end of the week.

Remember, your book is in your Science Notebook, and your passages can be found on Blackboard Learn in your Science class.

I am taking a grade on this by the end of NEXT week!

Station 3: Symbiotic Wildlife Book Continued

Symbiotic Wildlife Book

Continue to read the Symbiotic Wildlife book. When you are finished, please take this comprehension quiz on Quizizz. The group code you need is: 86296.

I have not decided yet whether or not I will take a grade for this. Either way, do your very best!

Station 4: Adaptations and Natural Selections Board Builder

Go to Discovery Ed. Under your Assignments tab, there is a board builder on Adaptations. Take time to watch the videos and read the passages.

When you are finished, please complete the worksheet on Adaptations that is found in BLUE BOX DRAWER #1!

I will be taking a grade on this worksheet on Friday!

Station 5: A Biome to Call Home Exploration

I have assigned you an exploration in Discovery Ed called "A Biome to Call Home". Follow the directions on the exploration and complete the worksheet found in BLUE BOX DRAWER #2.

I am taking a grade on this on Friday!

Station 6: Symbiosis Worksheet

We need to continue practicing symbiosis. Rewatch the information on the StudyJam, and then get the worksheet for it found in BLUE DRAWER #3!

Symbiosis Study Jam

Another grade will be taken on this Friday.

Early Finishers