scientific Revolution ~

Kintavion M.

What was it ?

16th and 17th century people rejected unproven theories and superstition

what caused the Scientific Revolution

A few scholars published works that challenged ideas of ancient thinkers ex: Aristotle & the geocentric Theory

Geocentric Theory

what was the geocentric theory ? why did people believe it ?

The earth was a non-moving object that's in the center of the universe , people believed it because it appeared like it because the sun moving around the earth Night & Day


He discovered the Major laws of planetary motion & he studied philosophy , theology, mathematics and astronomy under Vitus Muller.


He was an Mathematician and Astronomer that proposed the sun was stationed in the center of the universe , No he didn't publish his work he thought the scholars was going to Prosecute him

Scientific Method

The process in which You figure a problem out many philosophers, scientists, psychologists, and others contirbuted to the scentific method ex;

Galileo Scientific Method – Father of the Scientific Method Was one out of many


Built his own Telescope discovered Jupiter had 4 moons also that the sun have dark spots , the moon had a rough uneven surface , the church did not like so they sent him to court because they believed god created the earth

New Technologies Of The Scientific Revolution

Galileo Galilei built his own telescope which inspired telescopes today

sir. Issac Newton and his effects in the scientific revolution

Sir Isaac Newton was an English physicist and mathematician one of the top scientist in the world & a key in the scientific revolution , newton made the first light telescope he discovered what keep us down on earth and also published the book principa also the law of motion