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Week of January 21, 2019

Midterms and MLK

Dear Atholton Families,

This week is midterm week!

As students begin their midterms, I offer one very important piece of advice: Do not skimp on the sleep! Students might be tempted to pull an all-nighter, but a good night’s sleep is key to their success. Help them have a healthy sleep routine so that they may reap the benefits of a fresh mind on test day.

The exam schedule is once more included at the bottom of this newsletter. Tomorrow (Tuesday, 1/22/19) is a FULL school day. Students will have their FIRST PERIOD exam. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are early dismissal days with two exams each day.

Finally, today marks the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Schools and offices close on this day, but people must remember that MLK Day is about more than having another day off. The day has come to be recognized as a day of service nationwide, so take these 24 hours to do something that honors King’s values and his revolutionary place in American history. It is a day of service, after all — but make sure that giving back to the community doesn’t begin and end with January 21st. If you are able to go out and give your time by cleaning up neighborhoods, serving at a soup kitchen, or just spending time with members of a

community in need, then start by searching for volunteer opportunities near you.

Wishing everyone a fantastic week!


Robert A. Motley


Important Information

Maryland Integrated Science Assessment (MISA)

The pilot Maryland Integrated Science Assessment (MISA) will be administered to identified Juniors on January 29 and 30, 2019. For those juniors who did not take the Bio HSA as a freshman, taking the MISA Pilot is the science test requirement for the current Junior class. In 2019/20, passing the MISA will be a junior level test requirement (for the current Sophomore class).

Next week, we will be posting testing groups so students can see if they test in the morning or afternoon. The MISA consists of five sections which will be administered over the period of two days. Students who attend ARL in the morning (and test in the morning) will remain at school. Students testing in the afternoon should eat A lunch and then report to the testing rooms.

If you were wondering about the timing....we identified after mid-term exams as a best practice. The County has suggested the testing window as now since it is a Pilot year and will not interfere in our Spring testing calendar (more good news!)

More information on the MISA can be found at Please contact your student's school counselor or Mrs. Lisa Veslany ( for specific questions.

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Midterm Exam Schedule

Mark Your Calendar

January 21 -- School Closed -- MLK Holiday

January 22 - 25 -- Midterm Exams

January 23 - 25 -- School Closes 3 hours Early

January 28 -- School Closes 3 hours Early