The Journey Through Persevering

Carly Friedman


Persevering is overcoming hardships to reach a goal. When you keep your head held high even during rough times. When you never give up during your lowest point. Persevering is the key to success. Most successful figures have had to persevere somehow, if it means a death of a relative, or rejection. Persevering only makes you a stronger person, and a more successful one too.

Korinna Rehme- Description

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Throughout the story Korinna was faced with advertises and difficult choices, she faltered through picking sides but in the end there was only one choice she could make! The path she took could lead to hardships but in the end its only part of persevering.

Winston Churchill and Nepal Earthquake- Compare and Contrast

You wouldn’t think that Winston Churchill and the people who recently suffered from the Nepal earthquake are very alike in the ways they persevered. Like for example in Nepal there all working as a team to help achieve what they had before, and Winston Churchill was very independent while fighting, not only for himself but for others too. But when you put it all together there impact is what's similar. Nepal was just faced with a serious earthquake at a 7.8 magnitude. Without the help of each other the damage that was done would never be repaired. And Winston Churchill fought for his country during hardships and was determined to overwhelm the enemy. What they have in common is that they helped not only themselves during persevering but they helped their country and others around them.

Lauren Hill- Problem and Solution

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Lauren Hill fought a tough battle of brain cancer, all she wanted was to play one last basketball game before her body would yield. So she raised money and a lot of encouragement and she was able to live her one last dream.

Francisco Bucio- Cause and Effect

Francisco Bucio is a current plastic surgeon. But that didnt just fall right to his fingertips, he had to work to achieve his dream. And he still fights to keep his dream. It took a lot of resilience to be where he is now. Francisco was in an earthquake and the wall crushed his right hand loosing circulation. After multiple days of being stuck there he was eventually rescued and taken to a doctor. The doctors after a while decided to amputate his fingers which lead him to extreme drawbacks. Losing his fingers could cause him to lose doing what he loved. So Francisco decided that he wasn't going to let that bring his whole passion to waste so he replaced his fingers with his toes. After hard work and determination Francisco eventually started his plastic surgery carrier.

Rose Nolan- Sequence/Chronological order

Rose Nolan went on interesting and difficult journey. She first traveled to America from Ireland with her ‘ma’, ‘da’, and her younger siblings maureen and bridget and her brother Joseph. On the way to America they’d inspect all of the immigrants and the baby, Joseph was diagnosed with an eye disease. So even though it was tough for ma, da and Joseph went back. Ma and her daughters continued to America and stayed with Uncle Patrick and Elsa, Da’s’ Brother and his wife. After being fed up with Elsa and her daughters behaviors Ma decides to go back to Ireland. But Rose and Maureen refuse, so they stay back and get a job at a shirtwaist factory. But later on the factory burns down leaving rose to serious devastation. She was combative to anyone who doubted her thoughts of finding her sister. Rose went through a lot living in America, but in the long run she’s living a lot more active, easier life than in Ireland.

Perserverance from others

From others perseverance you can learn a lot about overcoming your own adversities. Learning from peoples mistakes can prevent some adversities, but it can also help you realize how you'd be able to persevere if your ever put in a tough position or situation. By watching there resilience it can show you that bouncing back from adversity will only bring you farther. Others perseverance are just examples on how its possible, and motivation in today's world.