2015: The Year in Review

By Mason Owens

Companies That Marketed the Best


Coca-Cola is an american soft drink company that brilliantly marketed in 2015. Their biggest marketing plan was the "Share a Coke" campaign, where they put different names or slogans on the cans and bottles. Consumers there for bought more and went on a rampage looking for their name. A good about of commercials were released getting people excited for the different names.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a Mexican fast food restaurant that also marketed well. Unlike most companies, Taco Bell down played their major competitor(McDonald's) instead of promoting their own company. One commercial included a bunch of men named Ronald McDonald saying that one of Taco Bell's products was the best AM food. Taco Bell also began a breakfast campaign and competed heavily with McDonald's.


Lego is a children's toy company that makes small block like figures. Lego created a whole movie to promote their product "The Lego Movie". Sales then began to skyrocket and Lego profited greatly from this.

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Best and Worst Products in 2015

The Best of the Best

The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is an electronic watch that does more than tell time. You can answer calls, text and even play games right from your wrist. I think this is one of the best products of 2015 because it created a lot of buzz in the technology world, and it's genuinely a cool product.

The Hoverboard is a two wheeled, scooter like device where you balance and lean to move around. Although there have been problems with charging and exploding, it is still a fun product and something that has trended over social media.

The Worst

Cat Jewelry

In 2015, jewelry was made to be worn my cats, like regular jewelry is made for people. It is one of the worst products of 2015 because by putting jewelry on, you are harming the cat, and its unnecessary and a waste of money.

The Chicken Leash

Sadly, this is where we are headed as a species. A leash for chickens. This is a waste of a product because not many people(I don't know one)own chickens for pets, and if they do, they are on a farm.

Get your Popcorn Ready....

2015 was filled with great movies and other entertainment, but two movie in particular stood out as the best in my mind.

Avengers:Age Of Ultron

In my opinion, this was the #1 movie of 2015. Everything was great about this movie, including the marketing. The movie displayed many trailers in the months leading to it's a release, along with TV commercials promoting the DVD and action figures of the superheros being sold. But the marketing will continue even after the movie has hit stores. A video game of the movie is supposed to be released later this month.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This movie was hard to ignore. The franchise reboot begun in December of 2015 with this recent movie. The marketing was done very well for this movie, the name being plastered on pretty much everything, including water bottles, action figures, and even PS4's!

Sing It

Best Singers of 2015

Katy Perry

Katy Perry was the highest paid musical artist, and celebrity figure in 2015. This was in part due to her "Prismatic" Tour that she traveled around the world promoting her music.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran became a premier musical artist in 2015 and stole the hearts of many teenagers. The reason he was so successful was because he played a total of 154 shows, the most of any musical artist that year!

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Top 10 NHL Jersey Sales of 2015

These were the top NHL jersey sales for 2015

1.Jonathan Toews

2.Patrick Kane

3.Henrik Lundqvist

4.Alex Ovechkin

5.Sidney Crosby

6.Patrice Bergeron

7.Zach Parise

8. Carey Price

9.Ryan McDonagh

10.Connor McDavid

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New Years Resolutions

Personal Improvement

I hope to improve in my work ethic towards dance and become a better dancer this year

Family and Friends

I hope to get a long better with my sister. She is Bipolar, so it is very hard to cope with her moods.

School and Friends

I want to continue my work ethic in school and keep my grades where they are. I love where both of those are at so at this point I just want to maintain it.