Energy System Interplay


Quicksilver pro

In this video there is images of kelly slater waking and jogging around the beach in this he is working aerobically, when he isnt catching a wave he will either be paddling out in which case the anaerobic glycolosis will be the dominate energy system, when kelly is catching a he is working anaeorbically and when he does sudden maximal efforts such as moving up and cutting throught the wave is working vigorously where the ATP-PC system is the dominate system.

IAAF- World Record- 200m Men- Usain Bolt- 19.19

Usain Bolts 200m Record

This is the clip of Usain Bolt running his 200m metre record. The thoughtout his run he uses 2 energy systems that allow him to have the acceleration to get to his top speed and stay at it for the duration of the event

He uses the ATP-PC system within the 5-6 seconds of his run to achieve his top speed and after he has reached the 6 second mark the anaerobic glycolysis system after the ATP-PC system has been depleted, within the last 5-6 second of the run the aerobic is now the dominate system that will see them out to the end of the event

Water Polo Men's Gold Medal Final - Croatia v Italy Full Replay - London 2012 Olympics

water polo

water polo is a sport that is dominated by the anaerobic glycolysis because the movements are very swift and treding water can also be quite a changing aspect when just performing a fast movement, the throw is at a very high velocity which the ATP-PC system is responsible for the maximal effort bouts, when the ball if thrown into the centre of the pool both teams dart into get the ball as quick as they can also another thing that The ATP-PC system contributes to