Harriet Tubman

"Conductor of the Underground Railroad"

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Ann Petry Creator Of This Novel

Her real name was Anna Petry. she was born October 12, 1908 in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Before her mother went to work in the business, she and her sisters were maids at the time. One of her teachers refused to teach the young child by the name of Anna Petry. Her family was the closest to her, and everyone loved her there. That was her home.

When Was This Novel Made?

The book Harriet Tubman The Conductor Of The Underground Railroad was made in 08/28/2007.

Some Of The Best Sayings She Made

One of the best sayings she every made and spoke was "I freed a thousand slaves, I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves."

One of her last sayings is "I can say what most conductors cant say, I never run my train off the track and never lost a passenger."

Summary of the Novel Harriet Tubman

Harriet was a leader of slaves to the north, as she then became a very famous and trustworthy leader to the slaves. She inspired her travelers/slaves to the North. Harriet Tubman was lifting a fellow life with a lot of people and adventure in order to help her fellow slaves. She was a very helpful woman in the world, and never did she tell a lie. Her parents were also caring for Harriet Tubman and other slaves.

Harriet Tubman Timeline

1820 - Harriet Tubman was born as a slave on the Edward Brodas plantation, in Dorchester County.

1825 - Harriet had been sold out and had her first job as a housemaid, and every time the baby cried she would be whipped.

1833 - She protected a runaway slave and was badly injured, as she then was to have symptoms for the rest of her life.

1840 - After Harriet's father turned 45 years old he was manumitted and later Harriet found out when she and her brothers turn 45 the same would go for them.

1844 - Harriet Tubman married a black man by the name of John Tubman.

1849 - Harriet began to get sick, as the owner Edward Brodas died. After that harriet sisters were sold.

1850 - Harriet began to work at freeing slaves as a quaker. Two of those quakers were named Thomas Garrett & Fredrick Douglas.

1851 - Harriet went back to bring her husband North. But her stayed there with his new wife and she went North.

1859 - John Brown was executed

1860 - Harriet tubman took the last trip south to save her sister from being sold to the chain gang

1861 - The American Civil War began and Harriet Tubman became a nurse in the army

1863 - Tubman became the first woman to lead an assault during the Civil War in the Combahee River Raid where 700 slaves where set free.

1865 - The American Civil War ended and Tubman returned to her home in Auburn, New York

1869 - Harriet Tubman married Nelson Davis, 22 years younger than her.

1913 - Harriet Tubman died at the age of 93