Shadi Jafari

"The Panda and Parrot"

One day the panda and parrot met up near a forest. "That's all?" Asked the parrot. "Just those boring old colors?" The panda was confused. "What are you talking about?" Asked the panda. "Your fur is only black and white, while mine is all sorts of different colors," said the parrot. "Blue, green, yellow, red, I could go on and on and on!" "With those colors nobody will want to hang out with you," said the parrot. "We will just have to wait and see," replied the panda. The next morning there was a race between the panda and the parrot. Many animals had shown up. "Are you ready?" Asked the panda. "I'm ready to beat you and show you who's really going to win," replied the parrot. Then the race began, everyone was cheering for the panda. No one was cheered for the parrot. When the race was over the panda had won the race. Everybody came to congratulate him. "Hey how come nobody cheered for me?" Asked the parrot. "I'm the one that had all the bright colors and not just boring black and white." "Its not about the looks or colors, it's about your personality," said one of the animals. "We all heard you tell the panda that you were ready to beat him." Nobody told the parrot good job but the panda got kind words said to him that made him feel good. After that, the parrot was always respectful and said kind words to everyone.

Moral: Don't judge a book by it's cover