Earthworm Dissection Lab

By Kristophe Zephyrin Mitcham P2


Learn The Internal and External Anatomy of an Earthworm

Background info

  • Genus/ species Lumbricus terrestris
  • Live in the dirt of many environments
  • preyed on by many animals such as; rodents, birds, fish, and many more.
  • there are many types of earthworms
  • Earthworms breathe through their skin
  • Earthworms eat dead organic matter.
  • Earthworms are decomposers
  • Adaptations include a streamlide body and setae

Interesting facts

  • When earthworms mate they both have offspring
  • Earthworms used to only be found in Europe
  • Earthworms eat 10 lbs of dead organic matter a year
  • largest Earthworms are 300cm long
  • worms are cold blooded
  • worms can regenerate segments
Earthworm dissection

Functions of organs in Earthworm

  • mouth Takes in food
  • intestines- extracts nutrients
  • Pharynx takes food to esophagus
  • crop stores food
  • gizzard grinds food
  • esophagus- takes food to crop