Chai X.

loves Fantasy

I have 8 people in my family.

I have 3 brother and 3 sister.

My favorite season is Fall.

I love to read books, mostly fantasy book.

I also like to read manga book and two of my favorite manga book are Skip Beat and Vampire Knight.

I like to play soccer, vollyball, badminton, and drawing.

Things you should do when keyboarding are:

- sit up straight

- don't bend your hand

- relax

- type with the right finger

- don't rest your hand on the edge of the table/ desk

- your feet should be touching the floor

- take a break once or twice every hour

- type at your own pace

- read each letter instead of the whole word to reduce the chance of spelling error

Things you shouldn't do when keyboarding are:

- look at the keyboard

- use the wrong finger on the wrong key

- rest your hand on the keyboard