How Plymouth became Plymouth

By McKenna Wurst-Hauth


Everybody knows that America started with the 13 colonies, but what do you know about Plymouth? The Pilgrims establishing Plymouth town. How did the Pilgrims discover Plymouth? How did the Pilgrims name Plymouth? Those are three things you are going to learn about Plymouth.

How the Pilgrims established Plymouth

Plymouth town was formed by Pilgrims coming to Plymouth and building stuff like houses, Growing food, and worshiping GOD. The Pilgrims built there houses out of wood, crab grass, and cement like stuff. The Pilgrims grew corn, wheat, and other products that were easy to grow. On Sundays the Pilgrims would go to the meeting house and worship GOD for most of the day. These are three things that helped form the Plymouth town.

How the Pilgrims discovered Plymouth rock

As we know Plymouth rock was discovered by the Pilgrims in 1620.  But how much do you really know abouth them discovering Plymouth?  When Plymouth was dicovered it may or may not of been the Pilgrims that discovered Plymouth.  The Pilgrims did not have the intention of going to Plymouth they were blown off course by a storm.  The Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth in 1620.  Now you know a little bit of how the Pilgrims discovered Plymouth.

How the Pilgrims named Plymouth

The Pilgrims named Plymouth, Plymouth because thats the name of the port they sailed on. The Pilgrims may not of named Plymouth so people say. The Pilgrims left the port on a boat called the Mayflower, whitch is how the Pilgrims got to Plymouth. The Mayflower is named after the captine. That is more information you know about the Pilgrims naming Plymouth.

The end of the Plymouth tail

We all know how Plymouth became Plymouth know. We learned how it was discovered, we also know how they named Plymouth. There is still many things to learn about Plymouth. Maybe some day you will know more about Plymouth then I do.