Unlock Your District Paid Apps

Via Self-Service

Download Your District Issued Paid Apps

Distribution of Paid Apps is done through Self-Service. Please follow the tutorial below to accept your invitation to download the paid apps that are distributed by the district. You must use your district Apple ID to accept and download these apps!

Tap Self-Service to open app

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Accept the Invitation

  1. Tap App Store
  2. Locate the VPP Invitation and tap Accept (If the VPP invitation is not there, email felipe.hernandez@eisd.net)
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Accept Invitation

View the list of paid apps being distributed and Tap Accept Invitation
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Sign In with District Apple ID

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Download Paid Apps

Once the VPP Invitation has been accepted, RETURN TO SELF SERVICE and Tap Install to download the apps. The download icon will spin, tap your Home button and the apps will appear on the iPad. If the apps do not appear to be downloading, go to the app store Purchased section and search for the apps there. Sometimes restarting your iPad also forces it to make the change.
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Other prompts that are not pictured may also appear. Accept those prompts as well.

Issues With Paid Apps

At this time, ALL teachers should have access to download the following paid apps:

  • Explain Everything - create video tutorials
  • Notability - for annotation
  • Popplet - for bubble maps
  • Stage Pro - Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera App

Other paid apps will vary from campus to campus and grade levels

If you have any issues with the invitation not being on your iPad, not all apps available to download or not downloading appropriately please notify your campus Instructional Technology Facilitator.

Requests for Paid Apps

Requests for paid apps must go through the campus administrator for approval. Once approved at the campus level, submit request to Software Support Coordinator, Kimberly Jett. Once funding and purchase has gone through, an Apple Technician will assist with the addition on student devices. Apps distributed to faculty will be done through the process explained above.