Spotlight on Specials


Exploratory Team

The teachers of these exploratory classes are committed to inspire the creative genius in all students through art, technology, library media, music, counselor and physical education.


In our library classes this quarter we enjoyed the book, Bear Gives Thanks by Karma Wilson. We discussed how we all have something we can share with others, i.e. a smile, a story, a toy, a hug, a song. We talked about earning an award and how it makes us feel. We looked at some of the different art styles that illustrators used to create books that either won the Caldecott Award or were Caldecott Honor books. We watched a preview of some of the exciting books that were coming to the Scholastic Book Fair during Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences. We looked and listened for evidence to determine if a book was fiction or nonfiction. Students enjoyed checking out books from different shelves in the Everyone section. We continued to practice using shelf markers to mark the book’s place on the shelf to get the book back where it belongs if we do not choose to check it out.


The school year is flying by! We spent third quarter playing with scooters, learning the difference between jumping and hopping, throwing and rolling balls, and dribbling a ball. The Kindergarteners absolutely love scooters (who doesn’t?)! We learned and practiced the safety rules of scooters which are 1) keep fingers away from the wheels, 2) make sure hair is pulled back away from the wheels, 3) do not stand on the scooter, and 4) do not run and jump on the scooter. Students did a great job of memorizing those rules and following them. We got to play fun games such as scooter tag, garbage truck pick-up, scooter scatter, and scooter relays. To practice jumping and hopping, students played jump the creek (jumping activity), hop scotch (hopping and jumping), and many warm-up activities that incorporate jumping and hopping. The students love to throw different kinds of balls; fleece balls, mini footballs, whiffle balls, and much more. They continue to learn how to throw properly over hand and under hand and are getting better and better. We ended the quarter with some dribbling. The students learned how to dribble with their finger pads and low to the floor. We did some dribbling relays where students practiced dribbling a small basketball with each hand while hustling. We also got to play a game called Squirrels and Acorns, in which the students were the squirrels and wanted to collect the most acorns for their squirrel family! They are learning a lot and are having fun at the same time!


I’m Mr. Relf, and I was the student teacher in music for 3rd quarter. I had a great time at Riverview Elementary teaching music. Every student was a delight to see in class during the quarter. We had lots of fun learning about music together. I wish the best for every student in 4th quarter and in their future years of making music! Here’s a little about what we did in third quarter:

During the 3rd quarter of Kindergarten, the students were busy having fun incorporating music with different stories. The students read the books Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Up, Up, Down and incorporated the books to help understand how sound can go higher and lower. The students then had the opportunity to begin playing the Glockenspiel. Also, the students read Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type to help understand that music has sounds that can be long and short. Another topic the students learned about was sound and silence.


In Guidance with Ms. Munsey this quarter, we finished our unit on the Zones of Regulation. We continued to work on the pillars of character, focusing on caring for self, others, and being a good friend. In honor of Dr. Seuss week students learned to ‘dare to care’ with Horton, learning that a person’s a person, no matter how small. I am also very excited to have a fabulous intern, Natalie Arbaugh, working with me from February through April. She has been a great addition and works so well with all grade levels teaching guidance lessons and working with students.


In Kindergarten this quarter, we started off learning how to use Microsoft Paint. It was very exciting to find this piece of art software right on our computer. We began by learning how to use the brush tools. Then, we learned how to add a shape and color in our shape using the dump feature. They all seemed to catch on very well to editing colors as well. We had a few practice pictures and then we designed a heart to add to our Valentine/I Love You Card. In Power Point we changed the layout to one slide, added our picture in, added text and chose a background. When they were done, they got to print it out and design a paper card around their printed design. We just finished up designing a portrait of ourselves. Our hope is to use that portrait to create a See Saw post with text and audio. See Saw allows kids to post their work to a private class feed. We will have several test runs before we post our work.


During the third quarter, kindergarten students have been very busy. Students started the quarter by creating wave sculptures inspired by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. To make this project, students curved and folded strips of paper to create lines that looked like waves. Next, students discussed communities. We made our sculptures out of a paper bag. These sculptures represent a place within our community. For instance: a school, store, work place, office, etc. After this project was complete, student listened to Eric Carle’s story The Very Hungry Caterpillar and discussed the life cycle of butterflies. Each students painted their own butterfly. Our next project was inspired by a book called There’s Only One Me. This book told a story about fish and each of them were unique. Students learned how to draw a fish and printed patterns and designs on the inside of their fishes’ body. Next, students created a Sensu (folding) fan inspired by Asia culture. Students painted cherry blossom branches on a piece of paper and learned how to fold the paper to make a fan. Our last project of the quarter was inspired by Pop artist Andy Warhol. After discussing his work, students created a flower collage inspired by his work.

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