Team of Queens

Don't you just love fall


Hi fabulous ladies!!

Can I just say.........YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. Our team has done amazing things this October. I am in awe and so excited to see what the next 7 weeks bring. Yes, I said it, 7 weeks left of the best selling season of the year. And.....these next 7 are typically the HIGHEST of the year. EKKKK!

I think a booking blitz is in order. Who else wants a few more shows on their books??? I know I do. I am going to take sometime this weekend to call, text, email anyone from my 'warm' list for hosting. I will also make a point to reach out to a few 'warm potential stylists' to let them know the $100 bonus is ending October 31st. What is your plan?

For anyone with upcoming shows, here is a great strategy Julie Blackwell uses. She is top in sales in Canada and clearly knows how to book!

At checkout here is one of her methods to booking shows

So, you're getting A & B tonight. Did you know my average hostess gets XX in free treats AND don't tell me you couldn't spend that on yourself or on others for gifts (smile). Could you see yourself doing something like this to get $XX in free goodies? (pause and wait)

If no, say thank you and that you will follow up to make sure she received everything.

If, yeah, I guess I could....try: Ok tell me, could you see yourself doing something like this at night or are you more of a weekend afternoon kind of gal? (pause and wait) Ok great, (grab your calendar), I have Sunday the 17 or Sunday the 10th open. What do you say we get your wish list (or mention piece she said earlier) by penciling you in for the 10th. PAUSE!

Practice this or something like it. Try to avoid using the words "do you want to do a show" and let me know how you make out.


I am excited to welcome Kate Wall of Hammonds Plains, NS to our team. I met Kate at a trunkie and she was so sweet and so much fun that she clearly belonged here. She got the bug when she received her necklace and jumped in feet first.

Hostess Coaching

I know I included a section on this in the last newsletter but I have to say, after meeting some of the top sellers in the company in Mexico, Hostess Coaching is where its at! Colleen Fiske and I have been working on a few documents to help outline the steps to hostess coaching. I will email the files to you. The biggest part to take away is that we must talk to our hostesses about OVER INVITING. This has always been a struggle for me as I didn't want to seem 'pushy'. Here is something I stole from Heather Wilhelm, this girl knows how to sell!

First hostess Coaching conversation - done when show is booked or 3-4 weeks before. I am so excited for your trunk show! It's my job to get your show to $1000 in sale which is the 'sweet spot' for hostess rewards. Not only will you get $250 in free treats, you also max out your 50% off items. To do this, we need about 10-12 purchasing guests which means we want to invite 4 times that as 1/3-1/4 do not attend. (Pause and wait for response.) If she objects, tell her it may feel like a lot but when you break it down into friends, co-workers, family, neighbours, kids parents, friends of guests, it will happen on its own. Let's start with your best friends and build from there. (then actually work with her to grow the list)