Tulsa Testing Updates


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Last Call for MAP and SRI Promotions

Please submit the names of any Any retained 3rd grade student who scores at or above 186 on the MAP test may be promoted to 4th grade through an RSA Exemption. If you have any students who qualify for this exemption, please email Erin the student names, ID, and MAP score.
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ACT EXPLORE-- 8th Grade

All school sites, with the exception of Traice MS, should have recieved their student pre-id labels in the school mail. If you have not come across these yet, please check with your office staff to track down the ACT EXPLORE envelope.

Alternative sites may pick up their EXPLORE tests beginning September 28th. Please email Erin and Becky with the quantity needed prior to picking up the tests.

For anyone who is interested, we will have an optional EXPLORE help session on September 30th at 4:00pm in the Enrollment Center computer lab. If you are interested in joining, please sign up on our Sign Up Genius.

8th Grade Reading Test Opportunity

We will be offering an alternative test for the 8th grade OCCT test on Thursday, October 1st at 1:30 pm. Students must be at least 15 1/2 years old on the day of the test in order to receive their permit paperwork. Students have one free opportunity to test, however, additional testing opportunities will require a fee. Please submit student names to Vicki Shannon by September 30th.
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ASPIRE for 10th Grade

Students have been uploaded to the ACT ASPIRE portal. Only 10th graders were added to the portal, so if you have any students classified outside of this group who need to take the ASPIRE test, they will need added to the portal.

The student Personal Needs Profiles (PNPs) can be edited now to indicate any accommodations that your students may need on this test. Please add this information to your students on the Portal.

Information on how to update the personal needs profile and creating groups/test sessions is available on the ACT ASPIRE Training page.

High School Winter Uploads

The Retest, Winter, and Trimester upload files will be coming to your inbox by noon on Tuesday, September 22nd. Please use the template with the student information to identify which tests students will need to retake.

The computer lab at the Enrollment Center will be available for your use beginning at 8am on Wednesday, September 23rd through noon on Thursday, October 1st. All files must be submitted to Erin no later than noon on October 1st.

ACT During the Day for 11th and 12th Grade

If you have not received materials for the September 29th ACT date, please contact Tenna Whitsel at whitste@tulsaschools.org.

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State Testing Accommodations

The 2015-16 accommodation books for IEP/504 and ELL students are now available on the State Department of Education's website. Please share this valuable resource with your teachers who work with these student populations. Allowable accommodations are described in detail and should be implemented throughout the year on all assessments.

The recently updated information on the Non-Standard Accommodations, including Read Aloud, is available on the SDE's website.

Final Spring Reports- OCCT/EOI

We are expecting the Measured Progress Reports to be delivered to the Enrollment Center toward the end of the week. After we have the pallets of boxes sorted, we will email all BTCs and let you know when to come and pick up your school reports.

Remember, if you have students who are no longer at your school site, please send their reports to the school in which they are now enrolled. Please do not send the reports of no longer enrolled students to the Enrollment Center. We appreciate all the work that goes in to sorting these results as quickly as possible- parents have been calling to obtain scores and are aware that they should be expecting the reports the first part of October.

Important Dates

Aug 20-Sept 25 PreK ECI Assessment Window

Sept 15 ACT ASPIRE meeting for High School BTCs (10th grades only)-- Enrollment Center, 9AM

Sept 23-Oct 1 Computer Lab available at Enrollment Center for EOI precode work

Sept 25 PreK Inventory Deadline

Sept 29 ACT During the School Day (participating High Schools)

Sept 30 EXPLORE help session at ERC, Computer Lab 4:00pm

Oct 1 All EOI files for winter testing due to Erin by noon

Oct 5-9 EXPLORE Test for 8th graders

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