Northwestern Coniferous Forest

Biome Project


Cold, long, snowy winters, warm humid summers (4-6 frost free months)

Temperature : -40*C to 20*C

Precipitation :
300 - 900 mm annually

Landforms (Mountains, Bodies of Water, Canyons, Islands)

Boreal forest or Taiga, Great Lakes, Rocky Mountains, low areas consist mainly of peatlands, we for a period of time

Animals : small mammals ; rodents large mammals ; moose, deer, variety of insects, spiders

Plants : Evergreens, spruces, pines, firs


Animals : Animals need to roam over large areas to find enough food.

Plants : Bear needles & cones instead of leaves and flowers.

Relationships (Parasitic, Commensurate)

Limiting Factors

Biotic : Trees, plants, animal.

Abiotic : Lakes, soil, ice.

Ecological Concerns

Having forest fires, insects are speading diseases that attacked tress, overused old growth forest can cause endangered or exticted animals.