Bat caves

Fun Facts

  • The bat caves are home to one of the largest bat colonies in Central Texas.
  • The bat colony that lives in these caves are the Mexican free-tailed bats. There is an estimated 3 million of them!
  • Inside the bat cave is an old abandoned railroad built by the Northern Railroad company.
  • You can see the bats at dusk each day from mid-March to early-November.
  • The tunnel the bats live in and where the railroad once ran through is 920 feet in length!


August 26,1886- grading for the railroad had started

1912- business men from San Antonio and Fredericksburg raised the 250,00 dollars to build the short railroad from Comfort to Fredericksburg.

March of 1913- Crews began digging a tunnel out of Mt. Alamo which posed early struggles The tunnel was 920ft in length. Trains were soon rolling in and out of Fredericksburg by the end of 1913.

1942- The railroad was prospering until the FN&R declined any further development of the railroads. The war department was ordered to dismantle the line.

1991- After the line was dismantled, the man made tunnel was accompanied by bats. The Texas Parks and Wild Life Department obtained the area for research and management.

2012- The area was transferred over to the State Parks Division to be further managed due to the amount of visitors.

Now- Many visitors come out and watch the bats fly out of the tunnels, walk the trails, and enjoy the area!


A fun group of young guys looking for a career in success. Takes advantage of their skills to be better at the game. They live life on the edge but not to close. It could kill you.

Stephen Curry- Great shooter on the court, but does not get many boards. Has broke 230 ankles in his time. Uses intelligence to make plays

Tim Duncan- Uses his comedy skills in front of the camera. Has all the hops, but does not have enough to dunk.

Ryan Powell- Uses quickness on the field to stop the ball, but his agility can be a downfall. Uses his intelligent to tell were the ball is going.

J.J Watt- A very tall End that gets all the sacks, but ankles can be broken. He can uses his skills that make the opponent laugh and become weak in the sport

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