Mammouth Cave

World's Longest Known Cave in Central Kentucky

Getting to Know Mammouth Cave

Mammouth Cave was established as a national park in July 1941. It was created as a way to preserve the cave system, the scenic river valleys of the Green and Nolin Rivers, and a section of the hilly country of south central Kentucky. More than 348 miles of cave have been explored and mapped. Some might say that Mammouth Cave is an international treasure.

What's the Best Way to Get There?

If someone were to choose to drive from Westford, MA to central Kentucky in order to visit Mammouth Cave, it would take close to 18 hours and 1075 miles of driving.

It's Time To Dig In....

What Animals Can Be Found?

This unusual national park is home to more than 70 threatened, endangered or state listed species. Mammouth Cave has a variety of birds, mollusks and amphibians inhabiting this area.