The Karankawas

*Live close to the cost of the Gulf of Mexico.

*Generally belived to mean Dog-Lover or Dog raiser.

*Karankawas name wasnt established.

*They made their house out of animal skin.

*Their expert at swimming.

*Pices and paint their body.

*Arrows and bow Red Cedar wood

*Thier popular for wresting

* Their canable.

Costal plains

They lived in the costals pains and it near the water so their food is fish and any dead animal they could find.

What do they make their house out of ?

They make their house out of animal skin like Buffalo skin the for warmth and as cloth and for their house/ teepees. It very important because in those time there was no house made out of bricks and they don't have all the things we invented.
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Texas Indians: The Karankawas
KERRY TURNER: "Karankawa," Tone-Poem for Symphony Orchestra

Cabeza De Vaca

Cabeza De Vaca was from Spain and landed in Texas and became a Karankawas slave and pulled out an arrow of one of their people and became free and lift to New Spain.
Cabeza De Vaca Cartoon for School