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All Aboard! Full STEAM Ahead! Vol. 1 Issue 1

Welcome to The Absecon Schools Media Center Newsletter

All aboard for a fun-filled journey through our Media Center. So many exciting activities happen in here on a daily basis and we want to share our excitement with our parents and the community. This newsletter will keep you posted on what is happening during our Library/Media classes as well as other activities that take place in the Media Center.
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What's New in the Media Center

We are very happy to now subscribe to two amazing electronic resources, PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next, for our students and their families. PebbleGo is a product of Capstone Publishers and has received many outstanding reviews for its content. PebbleGo Next is brand new, only going live during the last week in November. PebbleGo Next is geared for grades 3 - 6, and currently has only one database, the States and their cultures. Pebble Go has four databases - Animals, Biography, Earth & Science, and Social Studies - and is geared to grades K - 3.

These digital resources can be accessed on any device at any time - 24/7. Access is easy as clicking on the links below or typing: or Login information for both is the same:

username: absecon

password: read

We hope you enjoy exploring these great new resources with your children.

10th Annual Book Swap/Family Literacy Night

Thursday, Feb. 26th 2015 at 6-7pm

Absecon Public Schools Cafeteria

Start gathering your gently used books to trade for "new" gently used books at our 10th Annual Book Swap/Family Literacy Night.

STEAM in the Media Center

You may be wondering how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math can fit into the Library/Media Curriculum. It is as easy as "Pi". Our STEAM lessons start, of course, with books - both print and digital, and both fiction and information text. Alongside reading we conduct science experiments, solve math problems, create new designs and projects that reinforce as well as enhance the books we have read.

Our first graders are finishing up a STEAM based project on pumpkins. We read fiction stories about pumpkins and explored information text books about pumpkins. Then the fun began! Each class had their own pumpkin to experiment with for this project. The children measured the height of the pumpkins, counted how many lines each pumpkin had on the outside, and predicted whether or not pumpkins can float. After all of those questions were answered and predictions were made, we floated the pumpkins. After floating, we cut the pumpkins open and estimated how many seeds were in each one. Our next experiment was to see if we could grow pumpkins in the Media Center. Take a look at our efforts below. The children have also drawn the life cycle of the pumpkin and written the steps. Our last pumpkin activity will be using candy pumpkins and toothpicks to build structures.

Second grade is working on a STEAM project using magnets. Again, we have read fiction and information text - print and digital - on the subject of magnets. The sixth grade science department was kind enough to lend us a box of magnets and metal for our project. The students get so excited when they can make a magnetic chain of paperclips or attempt to get like poles to stick together (they are determined even though the magnets won't cooperate!). We are even bringing the nursery rhymes into this unit by creating our own Humpty Dumpty with plastic eggs and washers. The goal will be to see if we can keep him on the wall or he will fall down.

Later in the year, STEAM will happen with the Kindergartners using Lois Ehlert books.

Always something new and exciting happening in here every day!

Absecon Schools Media Center

This newsletter is created by Rose Hagar, Library Media Specialist for the Absecon Public Schools.