Mrs. Rosenberger's Fifth Grade

January 29, 2016

What's going on?

I am so glad that if we had to miss two days of school that it was the kind of snow that the kids could really enjoy themselves by playing in it! Those types of snows don't come around too often around here. I hope everyone enjoyed it! (Not driving, just playing!)

Last week our assessments took much longer than I would have liked, so we didn't get very far into the Mt. St. Helen's story. Friday, in reading we began several activities involving the story from the StoryWorks magazine about Mt. St. Helens. The students will be creating a public service announcement written as though they are a Park Ranger at the volcano. They have many different options on what to do, and they will mostly be working with a partner. We also will be working in small groups to work on various reading skills for nonfiction. After a brief review of theme, the next reading test will most likely be Friday, February 5.

Most of the kids did an awesome job on the compound sentences quiz we took on Wednesday. I'm really proud. Now we're moving into complex sentences. We completed a flipped lesson about them Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Chapter 9 on the changes of the earth's surface is completed, and we are starting to work on a unit about the earth's resources. This will be more student directed and self paced. The final project will have them sharing ways to conserve the resources the earth has. More information on that next week.

The students who are with me during RtI time are working on improving their ideas and content in their writing. They wrote a paragraph about a rule that they would like to eliminate. Next week, they will be self assessing their work and making improvements to the ideas and content of the paragraph.

Elementary Pick-up Change

Beginning next week, the playground will be in use until 3:15 each day. No one will be permitted to park on the playground for student pick up until it has been cleared of students. Nothing about the pick up procedure has changed, just the time that the parking area will open.


Many of the kids have either lost or broken their headphones for the Chromebooks. You may want to ask your child if theirs are in proper working order and replace them as necessary. Also, we have several students who do not have their own due to family/financial issues. if any of you would like to help by purchasing some to donate, (nothing fancy) it would be much appreciated.

Navigating the Technology

We have been working with many different kinds of technology throughout the first half of the year. The kids have gotten very savvy on it, and they can navigate what they need very well. Because of this I am adding more and more to Google Classroom. Most of the papers we do in school will be uploaded onto the site, and each day I will write an announcement about what we did in class that day for anyone who was absent. The kids will be told to check Classroom for missing work from me when they are not in class.

Anything that is found on one of the websites we use on a regular basis can be printed out here at school if needed. Please let me know if there is something you can't print, and I will have them print it for you and bring it home.


For better or worse, it seems winter has finally arrived in Pennsylvania. Please make sure your student has a coat, hat, gloves, scarf, etc... With having lockers this year, it would be a good idea to send some of these items to school for them to keep here. That way if a day turns out to be colder than expected, they can bundle up.

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