Solar Energy


What Is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is produced from the sun. The earth gets all its energy from the sun already so this is a nature friendly, reusable and a Renewable type of electricity.

Solar energy is used in three main ways.

1. Passive solar

2. Thermal solar

3. Photovoltaic solar

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Passive Solar

In passive solar buildings, the windows, walls and floors are made to collect solar energy. In the winter it brings the heat into the house but in the summer it rejects the heat so it stays cool. But you cannot use electrical devices but you can sun-dry fruits such as apricots. Basically it controls the heat in your house.

Thermal Solar

Thermal solar energy stores the heat it collects for a later time. This type of energy can heat your water or your swimming pool if the water is really cold. The first installation of solar thermal energy was in the Sahara desert in 1910.

Photovoltaic Solar

Photovoltaic Solar is the solar panels you see on roof tops of some houses. Basically it converts sunlight into direct electricity that you can use on your home appliances. The photovoltaic effect was first noticed by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel in 1839. There are types of cars that have solar panels on top of them so they can move, this means they don't have to use petrol.

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Thermal energy

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Passive Solar

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Photovoltaic solar

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