Newsletter Week 2 Term 4

Lauriston School 26th October 2022

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Birthday Celebrations

This week we have Jamie Henderson who turns 7 today and Lucy Keane who will turn 10 on Friday - we hope you both have wonderful birthday celebrations!

Athletic Sports

Congratulations to the following children who have qualified to represent Lauriston School at the county athletics to be held in Ashburton on Friday 4th November:

Shot Put : Katie Rollinson

Discus: Katie Rollinson, Olivia Copland, Henrietta Cairns

Long Jump: Sam Honeywell, Archie Tonks, Annabel Maw, Olivia Copland, Henrietta Cairns, Sasami Koizumi

High Jump: Archie Tonks, Wilbur Cairns, Alba Worner, Shevonne Marova, Henrietta Cairns

Short Sprint: James Gray, James Tonks, Sadie Wilson, Wilbur Cairns, Sam Honeywell, Archie Tonks, Ali Palmer, Katie Rollinson, Sasami Koizumi

Long Sprint: James Tonks, Calire Copland, Sam Honeywell, Wilbur Cairns, Archie Tonks, Ali Palmer, Annabel Maw, Katie Rollinson, Raffia Stehouwer

Long Distance: Olivia Copland, Katie Rollinson, Henrietta Cairns, Livi Fletcher

Relay: Katie Rollinson, Raffia Stehouwer, Sasami Koizumi

There will be more information home to these students in the next few days.

Upcoming Events

  • Student Council Fun Day - 28th October
  • BOT Meeting - 1st November
  • County Athletics - 4th November (pp 7th November)
  • Yr 4-5 Hakatere - Ashburton Lakes Camp - 7-9th November
  • Yr 3 Hakatere - Ashburton Lakes Camp - 8-9th November
  • Yr 0-2 Hakatere - Ashburton Lakes Big Day Out - 9th November
  • Yr 6 Hakatere - Ashburton Lakes Big Day Out - 9th November
  • Opuke Staff Only Day - 10th November
  • Canterbury Anniversary Day Holiday - 11th November
  • Yr 6 Diamond Harbour Camp - 22nd - 25th November
  • LSS Meeting - 23rd November
  • Zone Athletics - 30th November
  • Firewise Funday - 2nd December
  • BOT Meeting - 5th December
  • Leavers Dinner - 8th December

Last Week in our School

Mt Alford

Mt Alford have had a busy week settling back in for Term 4. It is so great to have so many new faces. Athletics was a big highlight from last week with lots of practice before an exciting day at Methven Primary.

Our highlights for the start of Term 4:

Fletcher: I liked going to Methven Primary to do athletics. I liked the obstacle course with Miss Turpie.

Ayan: I like writing a sentence on the whiteboard.

Ezra: I liked doing athletics with Mrs Adams. I like putting the bean bags in the hula hoops.

Izzy: I liked doing the running at athletics.

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Mt Harper

Mt Harper has had a great start to term 4. It was so good to see everyone again and to hear about all the exciting adventures the kids got up to over the break.

We have been very busy doing athletics in the afternoons with Mt Alford and the Mt Hutt year 2s in the lead up to Athletics day at Methven Primary School. Everyone tried their best, had a lot of fun and loved meeting up with old friends as our local schools were able to come together for an amazing day. This led to some incredible stories as the kids did a written recount of the day.

Lauriston is looking very different with the removal of the trees behind Mt Harper and Mt Hutt. Due to this there were a lot of small sticks left on the grass which we used as a learning opportunity. The children worked in groups to show what 100 sticks looked like, splitting them into groups to make them easier to count. Some made groups of five while others groups of 10 enabling us to discuss which was the most effective.

Mt Harper is in charge of looking after the hen house in term. The children love going to visit the chickens, checking their water and feed, collecting the eggs and giving them a cuddle.

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Mt Hutt

Wow! We have had a fun and busy week back for Term 4! Our biggest focus is preparing for our upcoming trip and big day out at the lakes. We are learning all about the places we are going and about the activities we will be completing. We have also enjoyed getting back into our routines and enjoying our daily literacy activities. Yesterday we started the next part of our Little Garden League and are looking forward to tracking the growth of our plants. Athletics was equally the highlight. Check out our favourite parts of Athletics Day:

I liked the short sprint - Alex

My favourite part was the treasure part - Natalie

I liked doing the running - Oliver

I also liked the running. I did the sprints - Jamie

My favourite part was the running race - Gus

I liked sprinting. It was easy - Anabelle

I liked the activity at Miss Turpie's station with beanbags and huluhoops - Maddison

Mt Winterslow

Pig Farm

This term Mt Winterslow (Opihako) have been tasked with looking after the pigs on our farm.

I would like to thank the Rooney whanau for their continuous support with supplying our school

with piglets, as well as supplying feed. Thank you to the Duckmanton whanau for supplying hay

to ensure our piglets are nice and cosy in their new environment. Students will conduct a whole

school survey to decide our new piglets names this week.

Mt Winterslow will work in groups to ensure our piglets environment is clean and healthy, which

include feeding pigs, drinking water, hay & pen, pig sty and pig scraps.

Literacy-Communication, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Science, Health/Physical

Well-Being, and The Arts will relate to our local curriculum focusing on an inquiry question –

How do we create an environment to stimulate our pigs? We look forward to sharing photos and

learning throughout the term.

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Mt Somers

This week Mt Somers has been busy with lots of exciting things. A big focus has been our Purerehua that we were kindly gifted to us by Miss Nerina’s brother, Roland. First we had to draw a design then copy it onto the Purerehua. Then we painted them with some leftover paint from the mural. Our next step was to add Indian ink to outline our designs. Then our second to last step was to hot poker our name into the back of our Purerehua. Then finally we are going to spray varnish onto the Purerehua to protect the paint from scratching off.

Another main focus was our Pasture measuring. We needed to find out the amount of grass we had for our Sheep and Lambs that are coming back to our farm. The process was that first we got into a group and picked a paddock on the farm your group wanted to test. When we were in our paddock we measured a 50cmx50cm square, but before we could start cutting the grass we had to collect samples of the other plants and weeds in that paddock so we were aware of what things were in the paddock. When we got back to class we all weighed our grass and then left it to dry out. A fews days went by and we reweighed our dried grass, then we compared the two weights and did some maths and worked out how many Sheep and Lambs could come back to the farm.

Last week all the children at Lauriston competed in the Athletics at Methven Primary school. Some of the highlights were the long distance run - the year Mt Somers girls did especially well. Lots of us did well with the throwing and sprints as well. All the children gave it their all on the day! And congratulations to everyone who got through to counties.

We have been exploring different sounds that we can make on a variety of musical instruments. Today we got into groups and created a soundscape based on the story of Tane and the Stars. It was really creative how we had to match our sound to a different part of the story like the sky, Tane making the stars, etc. When we put all our group soundscapes together it sounded really good.

Written by Poppy & Livi

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Term 4 Uniform

Long Pants

As long pants or leggings are only a term 2 & 3 option, these can no longer be worn in term four.

Sun Hats

As we are now in term 4, all children must be wearing a sunhat whilst outside or will be asked by staff to sit in a shaded area. Any navy bucket or brim hat can be worn, but caps are not acceptable as they do not cover the ears. We have some large sunhats available for purchase from the office with more stock of smaller sizes due to arrive shortly.

This is also a timely reminder to apply sunscreen to your children before they head to school for the day - sunscreen is available in the classroom for reapplying throughout the day.

Lauriston Hall AGM

This event is being held in the Lauriston Hall on Thursday 10th November at 7.30pm.

All welcome!

Methven Keas

The Methven Kea group is on the lookout for new members and invite all 5-7yr olds to come along to their open day on Wednesday 26th October from 5-6pm in the Methven Scout Den situated opposite the skatepark.

Any enquiries please phone Bev 0272428846

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